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Frequently Asked Questions

What credit is transferable?
Non-remedial coursework completed with a C- or better will be accepted for transfer credit if it is completed at domestic institutions holding regional accreditation or a certificate of authorization from the State of Ohio or at international institutions recognized by their country’s ministry of education. In some cases, coursework completed with a grade of D may be accepted. Please download the Transfer Credit Policy for information. Coursework completed at institutions holding non-regional accreditation may be eligible for transfer credit through the credit by validation process. Please see the credit by validation page for more information. Coursework from unaccredited institutions or those not holding a certificate of authorization from the State of Ohio, will not transfer.

How do I know if an institution is considered regionally accredited?
The Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA), recognizes the following agencies as regionally accredited. Institutions accredited by one of these agencies are considered regionally accredited.

  • Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges Western Association of Schools and Colleges
  • Higher Learning Commission
  • Middle States Commission on Higher Education
  • New England Commission of Higher Education
  • Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities
  • Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges
  • WASC Senior College and University Commission

My school isn’t listed on Transferology—can my courses still transfer?
Absolutely. We only list some of our equivalencies on Transferology. Courses meeting the transfer criteria above will be awarded credit in most cases. If you are a current student planning to take a course at another college, please visit our page on current student tentative evaluations.

When will my transfer credit be processed?
Please be sure you have requested a final official transcript from your previous institution be sent to Ohio State directly. Once Ohio State has received the transcript, and you are admitted and eligible for a transfer credit evaluation, your transfer credit will be processed within 3-5 business days through most of the year, though it may be 7-10 business days depending on the time of year. You will be emailed once your transfer credit report is ready.

Why was my transcript from a previous school deemed unofficial?
Below are some common reasons transcripts are deemed unofficial:

  • The transcript was issued to the student.
    Transcripts issued to the student are not accepted for transfer credit evaluation and must be issued to The Ohio State University.

  • The transcript was mailed to a regional campus or an academic department.
    Transcripts must be sent directly to the respective admissions office, either Undergraduate Admissions for undergraduate students or Graduate/Professional Admissions for graduate and professional students. Transcripts forwarded from other areas on campus are considered unofficial.

  • The transcript was emailed to an academic advisor, or
    Transcripts must be emailed directly to (for undergraduate students) and (for graduate and professional students). Transcripts forwarded from other email accounts are considered unofficial.

  • The transcript was sent electronically but unsecure.
    Transcripts must be sent electronically through a secure method which includes password protection, a link with a password, or an online verification process to download the document from an online secured source. PDFs attached to an email are not secure.

  • The transcript was a photocopy of the original document.
    Transcripts must be issued and released directly from the former school.

Do graduate level courses transfer?
The Transfer Credit Center does not evaluate graduate level courses unless the course is designated as both undergraduate and graduate level at the source institution. If you are a graduate student, the following conditions must be satisfied in order to transfer graduate credit: the graduate credit was earned as a graduate student at an accredited university; the student earned at least a grade of “B” or satisfactory in each course for which credit is to be transferred; the Graduate Studies Committee approves the transfer. For additional information see the Graduate School Handbook.

Will College Credit Plus courses be evaluated off my high school transcript?
College Credit Plus courses will not be evaluated from a high school transcript. Please contact the university at which the courses were taken, to have an official transcript sent to Ohio State.

How do I earn transfer credit for the career-technical assurance guide (CTAG) course I completed in high school?
Students who have successfully completed an approved Ohio Department of Education course that aligns to a CTAG and earned the required WebXam score will be eligible for transfer credit at Ohio State. Student assessment data is loaded into the statewide career-technical articulation verification (CTAV) system as early as July and as late as the end of September each year. Ohio State students with eligible credit will receive an email via their BuckeyeMail account with an option to opt in to receive transfer credit. Students should grant permission upon receiving the email if they wish to earn transfer credit and an email notification will be sent once the credit has been awarded.

Do grades transfer?
No, grades and GPA from previous institutions do not transfer to Ohio State. However we do keep track of the grades received, designated as “K” grades on the transfer credit report.

How do quarter hours transfer into OSU?
As Ohio State is on the semester system, transfer credit must be awarded in semester units. For domestic schools, quarter hours are multiplied by 2/3 to convert to semesters. If you attended a school with a non-traditional credit hour system, the maximum number of hours you should expect to receive per year is 32 semester hours.

What if I took courses a long time ago?
Courses completed prior to the year 2000 will be assigned Special credit. Student can have this credit further evaluated by the appropriate academic department to determine if a direct course equivalency is available. Coursework completed in 2000 and beyond may be awarded any of the transfer credit types, depending on the content of the course.

Why didn’t I receive direct course equivalents on my transfer credit report?
Determining equivalents often requires departmental expertise, and the Transfer Credit Center is limited in which equivalents we can initially award. In these cases, general credit is often awarded. Students should have their general credit further evaluated by the appropriate academic department to determine if a direct course equivalency is available. Contact information for departments can be found on the Transfer Credit Coordinator List.  

What is the difference between the types of credit listed on my transfer credit report?
For additional information on types of transfer credit, please view the definitions of transfer credit page.

Why is my grade on the transfer credit report different than what is on my transcript?
Multiple courses from a source institution which must be combined to award an equivalent course at Ohio State will have their grade point averages combined. The resulting grade point average will have a transfer grade assigned, which does not impact your cumulative GPA at Ohio State. In the instance that a combined GPA falls between two values, the lower grade will be assigned. Please note ‘+’ and ‘- ’ symbols do not appear on the Transfer Credit Report.

Transferability vs. Applicability
The transfer credit report lists credits that are transferable to Ohio State. Please see an advisor to determine how these transfer credits can be applied to your Ohio State program of study. You may also run a degree audit report to check your progress toward an undergraduate degree by following these instructions.

There is a mistake on my transfer credit report.
Please contact the Transfer Credit Center if you find errors on your transfer credit report. Clerical errors and misinterpretations of coursework can be corrected by our offices, but issues regarding course content and equivalencies must often be directed to the appropriate department or an academic advisor.

How do I contact an academic advisor?
Most students will meet with an advisor for the first time at orientation. If you need to speak with one before then, please visit

Why don’t I see my AP exams on the transfer credit report?
Test scores (from AP, CLEP, DSST, or INTERNATIONAL BACCALAUREATE exams) are processed by the Testing Center, and will appear on a separate section of your student record. Please contact the Testing Center for further information.

Additional questions?
Please contact the Transfer Credit Center at