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Residency and Your Time Out of State

Students applying for residency reclassification under the C2 classification (financially independent students) cannot leave the state of Ohio for more than 30 days during their 12-month review period, with no more than 14 days taken consecutively. Please ensure that all time spent out of the state of Ohio during your review period is accurately reported in your application.

Financially independent students are responsible for all living expenses, including travel costs, throughout the review period. 

Supporting documentation may be requested. 

Ohio Leave Pre-Approval Request

A student who is planning to attend a unique, internship, co-op, or educational experience exceeding the two consecutive week maximum, must appeal through the Ohio Leave Pre-Approval Form (pdf). If the experience gained through the internship, co-op, or educational experience could also be achieved in Ohio, the appeal may not be approved. This request must be submitted and approved prior to leaving for the internship, co-op, or educational experience.