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Residency Appellate Review Process

The process outlined below is effective as of March 1, 2022.

To receive the state of Ohio’s tuition subsidy, students must meet the guidelines for residency as established by the State of Ohio and defined in the Ohio Revised Code, Section 3333-1-10.

The appellate review process is the system established for students to appeal a denied reclassification request.

Residency Reclassification Request

If a student believes they were incorrectly classified as a non-resident for tuition purposes, or that they now meet the requirements for residency, they must submit a residency reclassification request by completing a reclassification application, the Online Residency Form. An application and all requested documentation that appears in a student's document list must be received prior to the posted deadline for the semester of requested reclassification. Students will be notified via email when a determination of their eligibility has been made. If all requested documents are not received by the deadline, the student’s request will be canceled. Visit the Ohio Residency for Tuition website for additional details and step-by-step instructions.


Petition for Appellate Review

If a student's initial residency reclassification request has been denied by the University Registrar's office, a student may then appeal the decision to the Registrar's Residency Appeal Committee by submitting a Petition for Appellate Review. New information and documentation must be presented to substantiate the appeal. A letter explaining in detail the new information that can be provided or the university error* believed to have occurred is also required. All reasons for the initial denial must be addressed in the documentation and appeal letter.

The Residency Appeal Committee consists of members of the University Registrar’s office who were not involved in the review of the student’s initial reclassification request. This committee evaluates the student’s original reclassification application, the information submitted for the appeal, and all supporting documentation to determine if university procedures were properly followed and/or if the new evidence provided should reverse the initial decision.

The committee meets regularly during autumn and spring semesters and on an as-needed basis during the summer term. Appeals are processed in the order received. Time to decision for each request will vary based on the volume of appeals and the complexity of cases.

The student will be notified of the committee’s decision via email, and all decisions rendered by the committee are final.

*Substantiating University Error: The student must identify which university office erred. If a person or persons were involved, the student must identify the parties by name. The student must explain how they believe the office or person(s) committed an error. The student must provide evidence of the harm done by submitting documentation substantiating that the office erred or an official letter from the office that erred accepting responsibility. The student's statement alone is not sufficient.*

Deadline to Appeal

Petitions to appeal a residency decision must be received by the commencement date for the semester the student has requested reclassification. No petitions will be accepted after this date. Once a petition has been submitted, students have 10 business days to provide their supporting documentation.