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Step 4: How to Apply for Ohio Residency for Tuition

After following Steps 1 through 3, you are almost prepared to apply! Please review the information below before you begin your application.

Determine If You May Qualify

The Ohio Residency for Tuition Purposes Questionnaire is provided to assist in determining if you MAY qualify for in-state tuition based on law established by the Ohio Legislature. Official residency decisions are made based on receipt of an official residency application and supporting documentation submitted to the University Registrar's office. We are unable to verify eligibility prior to review of a complete application.

Take the Residency Questionnaire to see if you MAY qualify

Residency Application Dates

Semester/Term Online Residency Form Available Final Deadline*
Autumn June 1 First Friday of Semester
Spring November 1 First Friday of Semester
Summer March 1 First Friday of Term

*The final deadline must be met to have your residency reclassification request reviewed for the specified term. All requested documents must be submitted for your application to be considered complete for processing and you must be enrolled. Your application will be canceled if not completed before the deadline. A new application will be required if you wish to request reclassification for future semesters.

Important Information

  • If you have been classified as a non-resident during the admissions process you will need to apply for residency reclassification using the Online Residency Form.
  • Residency reclassification is for tuition purposes only and will have no impact on your application for admission.
  • An application is not complete and ready for review until a student is also enrolled.
  • Applications are reviewed in the order they are received.
  • Applications are not guaranteed to be processed by the fee payment deadline.
  • Students are responsible for the payment of all fees, including non-resident charges, even if a final residency determination has not been rendered by the fee payment deadline.
    • Tuition and fee due dates for each semester or term can be viewed on the Academic Calendar.
    • The University does offer a Tuition Option Payment Plan to assist students by dividing the tuition cost into installments. Additional information regarding this option is located on the University Bursar's Tuition Option Payment Plan webpage.
    • If your residency reclassification is changed to reflect an Ohio resident tuition rate, your recalculated tuition and fees will be visible on your statement of account within 48 hours. Adjustments may be made as refunds, credits, or adjustments to financial aid.
    • For additional questions concerning making a payment, please work with Buckeye Link.

Verify Your Current Address

Confirm that your current and permanent address in your My Buckeye Link  (current students) or Applicant Center (applicants to The Ohio State University) are your Ohio address.

Selective Service Registration Number (SSRN) Requirement

Students required to register for the Selective Service must do so prior to applying for residency reclassification. Students who are required to register but have not are not eligible for state of Ohio’s tuition subsidy per the Ohio Revised Code, Section 3345.32.

NOTE: Once registered, students must ALSO submit their SSRN to The Ohio State University.

Submit SSRN to OSU

Apply for Reclassification as an Ohio Resident

The Online Residency Form (ORF) is a dynamic list of questions that determines what classification you may qualify for. Be sure to read each question carefully, answer honestly and provide accurate figures.

Log in to your Applicant Center or My Buckeye Link , and follow the steps outlined in the instructions. 

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