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Step 1: What is Ohio Residency for Tuition?

As a state-assisted institution, The Ohio State University is obligated to comply with the law established by the Ohio Legislature and the Ohio Department of Higher Education to assess tuition costs and verify each Ohio State student's eligibility for residency.

Ohio Administrative Code, Chapter 3333-1-10

Ohio Revised Code, Chapter 3333.31

Selective Service Registration and In-State Tuition

Eligible Visa and Immigration Statuses

Students classified as Ohio residents for tuition purposes receive a state-supported education through a tuition subsidy, funded in-part by Ohio taxpayers. The Residency Guidelines exclude students who are in the state of Ohio primarily for the purpose to receive education from residency eligibility.

To be classified as an Ohio resident for tuition purposes, a student must meet all requirements for residency as defined by the Ohio Legislature and the Ohio Department of Higher Education. Ohio State University is not empowered to alter or waive these state regulations and must enforce their provision for all students under all personal and/or financial considerations.

Please note: the term "resident" for tuition purposes differs from other definitions of Ohio residency.

Policy Overview

Watch the 10-minute Ohio Residency for Tuition video below an overview of the policy.