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Undergraduate Tuition and Fees

Undergraduate tuition and fees are based on when a student began. There are two tuition types and each has three fee table options.

Tuition Types

Tuition Guarantee Cohorts

In 2017, the State of Ohio established the Ohio Tuition Guarantee. Undergraduate students that began summer 2017 or after are entered into a Tuition Guarantee Cohort. Tuition Guarantee Cohort students will use one of two tuition tables below: 

Undergraduate Fees - students that began summer 2023 or after

Undergraduate Fees - students that began summer 2019 through spring 2023

The Ohio State Tuition Guarantee provides Ohio students and their families certainty about the cost of full-time in-state tuition, general fees, housing and dining. The guarantee sets rates for in-state tuition, mandatory fees and housing and dining costs for each entering class of first-year Ohio resident students and freezes those rates for four years.

  • Mandatory Fees include instructional, general, student activity, student union, recreational and COTA fees.
  • The Tuition Guarantee does not apply to the non-resident surcharge, international surcharge, or program/technology/course fees.

The Ohio State Tuition Guarantee applies to Ohio residents who are incoming first-year undergraduate students at each of Ohio State's campuses.

Ohio resident students who transfer to Ohio State will also join the guarantee program if they began their college career as a first-year student at another institution in autumn semester 2017 or later.

This program does not apply to:

  • students who first enrolled in college prior to 2017
  • non-Ohio resident students
  • non-degree-seeking students
  • exchange students
  • students participating in College Credit Plus, Advanced High School or other pre-enrollment or postsecondary option programs

Learn more about the Ohio State Tuition Guarantee

Standard Tuition and Fees

Undergraduate students that began prior to the establishment of the Ohio Tuition Guarantee or the spring 2017 semester/term or prior will use the tuition table below.

Undergraduate Fees - students that began spring 2017 or earlier

Fee Table Archive

Additional fee tables are available in the Archive fee tables section.

Fee Table Selection

Fees are also determined by program type and/or mode of instruction. To qualify for Distance Learning or For-credit Online Degree fees, not one class/lecture can be on campus. For example, if a student is in a Distance Learning program and one class/lecture is on campus, they will be charged On-campus fees.

Fee tables contain fees per credit hour fees (these fees must be multiplied by the number credit hours taken) and fees for one-time semester fees.

On-campus Fee Tables

Any student that attends AT LEAST ONE class/lecture on campus will be charged fees based on the On-campus Fee Tables.

Distance Learning Fee Tables

Any student that is enrolled in ALL DISTANCE LEARNING CLASSES (no classes or associated components are on campus or in-person, and student is not exclusively pursuing an online degree or certificate program) for the semester/term will be charged fees based on the Distance Learning Fee Tables.

For-credit Online Degree Program Fee Tables

Any student that is EXCLUSIVELY (defined as ALL classes for the semester/term are for-credit online degree or certificate program(s) listed at Ohio State Online) will be charged fees based on the Online Degree Program Fee Tables below: