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University Policy

Students are responsible for knowing their own standing scholastically in reference to the published regulations and standards of the university and of their college or school. Other related policy information that specifically impacts the University Registrar's office and how it operates for the campus community can be found in this section.

Additional policy information can be found at University Policy website.

University Faculty Rules 

The University Faculty Rules are established by The Ohio State University's Board of Trustees. See the links below for more details about a specific topic, or view the entire list of University Faculty Rules.

Buckeye's Guide to Academic Policies

A Buckeye's Guide to Academic Policies outlines various policies critical for a student's success at Ohio State. The guide, developed for students, faculty and staff to provide clear, transparent information, provides pertinent information for the entire campus community about university policies related to students, such as academic performance, degree audits, fee payment policies and much more. The guide is updated on annually.