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Testing Center

Our purpose

• Facilitates the testing needs of Ohio State online courses, make-up examinations, and distance-learning students.
• Supports student retention by making referrals to resources aimed at optimizing test preparation and student success.
• Makes national, professional and certification exams available to the campus and the community.
• Provides a knowledgeable, courteous and professional testing environment and staff.


OSU exam instructions

For students signing up for a exam registration, please follow these instructions:

  • Select the below link Register online for testing services.
  • Select “OSU Testing” and “OSU Course Exams" for the Group.
    • You may instead select "SLDS Accommodated Exams" if you have extended time approved from SLDS.
  • Select your specific course and the Exam.
    • If you chose "SLDS Accommodated Exams," select your time accommodation for the Exam.
  • Select the Date and Time approved by your professor.
  • Follow the remaining prompts.
    • You will need to contact your professor with your exam date and time if you signed up for an SLDS registration.


For instructors attempting to submit an exam for a student registered with the Testing Center, please follow these instructions:

  • Select “Forms (faculty/staff)”, located under “Faculty Support.”
  • Under “Testing Center,” select and download the “Exam Submission Form.”
    • The form can be filled on your computer.
  • Create a form for all students you are emailing for.
  • Log into the Exam Submission portal and create an exam submission for your student.


For instructors that have students sent by SLDS to the Testing Center, please follow these instructions:

  • Download and fill out the Testing Center Alternative Request Form. This can be located on the Forms (faculty/staff) section of the website.
  • Send the form and any necessary exam materials to sae-testing@osu.edu.
    • Professors may alternatively drop off any exam materials in person.
  • The Testing Center will confirm received exam materials and will email the finished exam at the end of the student’s scheduled exam day.
    • Professors may alternatively pick up completed exams in-person if indicated on the request form.