Student Evaluation of Instruction for Students

The purpose of the SEI, as it was designed, is to provide a standardized survey instrument for the collection of student feedback on the quality of instruction. This feedback is used as just one of several methods of assessing teaching effectiveness.  


  • Instructors use it to improve courses and teaching.
  • Departments use it for the annual review of an instructor’s performance.
  • Departments use it to make decisions about the curriculum.
  • Colleges use it to make decisions about promotion and tenure.
  • Students use it to help make course selection decisions



  • Users log in to gain access to the SEIs of courses they are registered for, but information is NOT associated with the responses to the evaluation.
  • Instructors can see response rates during the evaluation period, but never see who has or has not completed an evaluation.
  • Instructors do not see reports until after final grades are posted. The reports include overall totals for each question. Comments are included as written.


There are three ways to access the SEI:

  1. CarmenCanvas
  2. Ohio State app
  3. Email link

Remember, comments that are specific and constructive are the most helpful to instructors. Use examples and describe how the teaching has impacted your experience in the class. 

SEI Results are in Carmen.

  • Go to Student Evaluation of Instruction block on left.
  • Click on SEI Scores by instructor and course.