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Updating Social Security Number with the University

Need to report your SSN/ITIN?
- Upload your W-9 form here.
- Upload your Social Security Card here. (For completing a Change of Record only.)

Important Dates

For more information regarding deadlines and permissions, visit Registration, Fees, and Important Dates.

Autumn Semester 2019 Quick-Link Information

  1. Autumn Semester 2019 Important Dates

  2. Registration and Fees at a Glance

  3. Autumn Semester 2019 Academic Calendar

  4. Autumn Semester 2019 Fee Tables

  5. Autumn Semester 2019 Final Examination Schedule

  6. Autumn Semester 2019 Approved Weekly Schedule


Autumn Semester 2019 Term Important Dates

Nov. 15 F

After the Fifth Friday, a student must petition through their college office to drop a class for autumn session 2.

Nov. 27 W

Thanksgiving Break begins - no classes, offices open.

Nov. 28 Th

Legal Holiday - Thanksgiving Day - no classes, offices closed.

Nov. 29 F

Indigenous Peoples' Day/Columbus Day observed – no classes, offices closed