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To submit a form to the registar's office please select a student type below.

Course Enrollment Permission Form

Steps in completing the form:

  1. Complete the Student Information and Course Information sections completely.
  2. Select the appropriate Action and obtain the requested signatures.
  3. Take the completed form to your college office for appropriate action.

Note: If this action will exceed the room limit, this form will not be processed.

Course Enrollment Permission (pdf)


Grade Forgiveness

The petition to use the Grade Forgiveness rule must be submitted in consultation with the student's academic advisor to the college of enrollment by the tenth Friday of the term in which they will repeat the course.

Submit a Grade Forgiveness Petition


Late Fee Petition

A Late Fee Petition may be submitted during a term in which a Late Payment Fee, Late Course Add Fee, or Late Registration Fee has been assessed. For TOPP late fees, please contact Buckeye Link; for housing late fees, please contact University Housing at or 614-292-8266.

Submit a Late Fee Petition


Change of Record Requests

Students must submit an online Change of Record form to add or change their Primary (legal) Name, Social Security Number (SSN)/Individual Tax Identification Number (ITIN), date of birth or legal sex.

Students may be submitting documents that contain personally identifiable information. Tips and Best Practices regarding securing their data may be found on the Cybersecurity for You website.

Name Change

Students have the ability to updated their personal identity (Preferred Name and pronouns), Diploma Name and can update their address in My Buckeye Link (Personal Information section), however they must submit a Change of Record form to request a Primary Name change. Transcripts and enrollment verification use a student's Primary Name.

Tax ID

Employees that have submitted their SSN/ITIN do not need to submit it to the University Registrar's office, it will be synced with the human resources system.

Submit a Change of Record request: Primary Name, SSN/ITIN, date of birth, legal sex

Request a Race/Ethnicity Change (pdf)


Online Form Status

Email confirmations will be sent when the online form is submitted and after the request is processed. Additionally, you may check the status of an online form submitted to the University Registrar's office using the Student Document Status Lookup tool.

Lookup Document Status


Alumni/former students do not have access to update their record; they must submit a form with required documentation to request the University Registrar's office update the following record requests:

Primary Name, date of birth, SSN (pdf) (transcripts and enrollment verification use your primary name)

For assistance, submit a Help Request.