University Registrar

Transfer Credit

Definition of Transfer Credit Types

Course Equivalents

Course work taken at other accredited institutions may be recognized by the awarding of credit for similar Ohio State courses according to sets of guidelines established by various faculty assemblies.

It is important to understand that the application of credit toward a student's degree program is determined by the academic units (college offices, e.g. Arts & Sciences, Business, Engineering). Questions about fulfillment of degree requirements should be directed to counselors/advisors in those units.

General Credit (G000.xx)

General credit is awarded when there may be an equivalent course at Ohio State, but the Transfer Credit Center is unable to make that determination. Students who receive General credit should have their coursework further evaluated by the appropriate academic department to determine if a direct course equivalency is available.

Special Credit (S000.xx)

Special credit is awarded when a direct course equivalency does not exist at Ohio State. Students should consult their college/department to determine if special credit may be used to fulfill degree program requirements.

Technical Credit (T000.xx)

Technical credit is awarded when the content of a course is of a technical nature and a direct course equivalent is not offered in Ohio State’s curriculum. The classification of the originating institution does not dictate the assignment of technical credit. Students should consult their college/department to determine if technical credit may be used to fulfill degree program requirements.

Credit by Validation

College-level coursework successfully completed at non-regionally accredited post-secondary institutions and formal learning experiences that have been identified, evaluated, and recommended by a university recognized accrediting body (e.g. National College Credit Recommendation Service (National CCRS) and/or the American Council on Education are eligible for credit by validation. For additional information, please view the credit by validation instructions.

No Transfer

No transfer is awarded to coursework from unaccredited institutions or those not recognized by their country’s Ministry of Education. No transfer is also awarded to remedial or developmental credit.