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Forever Buckeye Residency Classification

To be considered an Ohio resident for state subsidy and tuition surcharge purposes, you must show that you meet the requirements as defined in the  Ohio Administrative Code, Chapter 3333-1-10 and Ohio Revised Code, Chapter 3333.31.

You must also hold an eligible immigration status

Residency Classification C-8

Residency classification letter and number designations correlate to the specific guidelines of the Ohio Administrative and/or Revised Codes. 

Residency Classification C-8 applies to students who are a Graduate of an Ohio High School (Forever Buckeye) where ALL of the following apply:

  • graduated from an Ohio high school while a resident of Ohio for the state subsidy and tuition surcharge purposes 
  • completed the entire final year of high school at an Ohio school
  • have established a current residence in Ohio

Forever Buckeye/Residency Classification C-8 does NOT include students where ANY of the following apply:

  • are GED recipients. If you’ve earned a certificate of high school completion, see High school equivalency Residency Classification C-9
  • have graduated from an Ohio high school, but have yet to establish residence in Ohio
  • were not a resident of Ohio for the state subsidy and tuition surcharge purposes when they graduated from an Ohio high school

Documentation for Forever Buckeye

All reclassification applications require evidentiary documentation. If you submit incomplete or incorrect documentation, your reclassification application will not be approved.

Keep in mind, documentation is not limited to the Documents Requested for Ohio Residency for Tuition Purposes list and your individual document list may not include all items listed here. It is important that any uncommon situations be supported with documentation as well. The onus will be on the student to ensure that all income and expenses are clearly supported with documentation.

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