University Registrar

Transfer Credit

Tentative Evaluation

If you are a current Ohio State student and plan to take a course at another college, it is important that you find out how the credit transfers back to Ohio State and applies toward your degree requirements. Follow these steps to determine how your courses will transfer to Ohio State:

  • 1. Discuss your plans with your Ohio State academic advisor.  Your advisor can help you identify the courses that you are required to take for your Ohio State degree.
  • 2. Go to (new window). Transferology contains information on how courses will transfer and apply towards your degree program at Ohio State.  Use the Transferology Course Equivalency Guides to search for the particular course(s) that you are interested in taking, and use the Transferology Planning Guides to see how the course(s) will apply towards your Ohio State degree.  Once your equivalency is determined, skip to step 4.  If you cannot find your course equivalency information in Transferology, proceed to step 3.
  • 3. If your course equivalency information is not on Transferology, you will need to contact the academic department for help in determining an Ohio State course equivalent. You may be asked to submit information such as course syllabi, text information, or course descriptions in order for the department to be able to determine the course equivalency. Contact information for the departmental Transfer Credit Coordinators can be found here (new window).
  • 4. After you have completed your coursework, contact the Registrar's Office at that college for an official transcript to be sent to Ohio State.