University Registrar

Independent Education Abroad Information

For current students

Independent education abroad programs are those in which students are not enrolled at Ohio State, but rather participate through another university. Before you choose to study abroad independently, consider the wide variety of Ohio State approved study abroad programs. Be sure to explore all current offerings at Ohio State and consult the Office of International Affairs before making a decision. If you determine that an independent education abroad experience is appropriate for you, please note:

  • Prior to enrolling, you are responsible for providing the Transfer Credit Center with complete and accurate information about the education abroad program and institution of study. Failure to provide sufficient information may result in processing delays.
  • The Transfer Credit Center will determine transferability of the coursework. You are responsible for consulting with your Ohio State advisor to determine applicability of the credit and, if necessary, initiating Departmental Credit Evaluations from the appropriate department in order to determine equivalency.
  • Credit earned through independent programs is awarded “K” credit – not native Ohio State course credit – and does not impact your Ohio State GPA. However, you must earn at least a C- for credit to be awarded.
  • The Transfer Credit Center does not process credit for programs approved through the Office of International Affairs. Please see Education Abroad for more information.

Upon completion of the study abroad term, the student must send an official transcript from the registrar (or similar designee) of the institution of higher education.
Certificates of completion or other documents issued by a third party provider or an office other that the institution’s registrar (or similar designee) will not be accepted for transfer credit.

If you have further questions regarding Independent Study Abroad, please contact the Office of International Affairs, or the Registrar’s Transfer Credit Center,