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Transferring Your Credit to Ohio State

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Transferring your credits to Ohio State.


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Transfer credit, also known as K-credit, is coursework evaluated from your previous schools and added to your Ohio State academic record. K-credit does not affect your Ohio State GPA and does not include testing or Ohio State approved study abroad credit.


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In most cases, college-level courses will transfer with a C minus or above, provided that the coursework is earned from a domestic institution holding regional accreditation. Coursework also may transfer from a school holding a certificate of authorization from the Ohio Department of Higher Education or from an international school recognized by its Ministry of Education. In some cases, D grades may transfer.


Courses from non-regionally accredited schools may be eligible for transfer credit through the credit by validation process.


Please visit Transferology to see how your courses may transfer to Ohio State.


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We award four types of K-credit at Ohio State.


Direct equivalencies are awarded Ohio State courses and require no further evaluation.


General credit may have an equivalency but requires further evaluation through the appropriate department's transfer credit coordinator.


Special credit has no direct equivalency at Ohio State but may fulfill general education requirements or electives at the discretion of your academic advisor. Coursework earned over 20 years ago will also be awarded special credit.


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Technical credit is sometimes awarded for courses of a technical nature that have no equivalency at Ohio State. Like special, technical credit may be used toward general education

requirements or elective hours.


No transfer credit is awarded for non-college level remedial or developmental courses or courses from unaccredited schools or those not recognized by their Ministry of education.


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The Transfer Credit Report or TCR explains how undergraduate credits earned at your

prior institutions will transfer to Ohio State. You will receive an email notification when the TCR is completed and ready to view.


While generated from a similar location, the TCR is a different report from the Degree Audit.

The TCR shows transferability of coursework, while the Degree Audit shows how courses will apply toward a student's degree, which is determined by a student specific major and college.


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In these examples of K-credit, a course equivalency such as Statistics 1450.01 will require no further evaluation and will fulfill any prerequisite or degree requirement as the same course taken at Ohio State.


General credit such as Political Science G 0 0 0 will require further evaluation by the department, and notice that it will not be degree applicable until it has been awarded an Ohio State equivalent or special credit.


Special and Technical credit, such as Nursing S and Math T 0 0 0 will require no further evaluation and may be used toward degree requirements after consultation with an academic advisor.


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Transfer students will receive a transfer credit evaluation after being admitted to the university.

Freshmen receive an evaluation after accepting their admission, paying fees and submitting official university transcripts, and all other students with transfer work receive transfer evaluation after submitting an official university transcript, provided they are in a degree seeking undergraduate program and active in current or future term.


In all cases, an email notification is sent including instructions to view the Transfer Credit Report.


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An evaluation will usually be completed within three business days of receipt of an official transcript. However, turnaround may extend to seven to ten days during our busiest times.


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Students are required to submit official transcripts to the Ohio State Admissions Office. Instructions for sending transcripts can be found on the Admissions or Transfer Credit site.

Official transcripts must be sent directly from the institution to Ohio State in order to be eligible for transfer credit. Transcripts issued to student or forwarded from other sources will not be accepted. Transcripts should be submitted well before orientation to have courses evaluated in time for scheduling. Please share any in progress coursework with your advisor to assure effective scheduling, and be sure to submit your final transcript once all grades are final and posted to the transcript. Contact the appropriate transfer credit coordinator to seek further evaluation of your general credit and check your BuckeyeMail account for important and time sensitive business communications. For more information see our frequently asked questions on the Transfer Credit site.