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Residency for Tuition: Excluded post-baccalaureate programs

The Ohio Administrative Code section 3333-1-10 (C) 11 provides for exclusions of post-baccalaureate professional programs related to residency for subsidy and tuition surcharge purposes. The Ohio State University excludes all post-baccalaureate professional programs including all Juris doctorate, medical, dentistry, veterinary, optometry, pharmaceutical doctoral programs, select masters programs and any other similar post-baccalaureate professional programs.  

The following programs are excluded from residency eligibility under the C-11 provision. This list is subject to change and will be updated annually.  

Excluded Post-baccalaureate professional programs:  

  •  Dentistry (DDS) 
  •  Law (JD | LLM) 
  •  Medicine (MD) 
  •  Optometry (OD) 
  •  Pharmacy (PharmD) 
  •  Veterinary Medicine (DVM) 

Additional Excluded programs:  

  • Doctor of Audiology 
  • Doctor of Education 
  • Doctor of Musical Arts 
  • Doctor of Nursing Practice 
  • Doctor of Occupational Therapy 
  • Doctor of Physical Therapy 
  • Master in Animal Sciences 
  • Master in the Study of Law 
  • Master of Accounting 
  • Master of Actuarial and Quantitative Risk Management 
  • Master of Applied Economics 
  • Master of Applied Neuroscience 
  • Master of Applied Statistics 
  • Master of Architecture 
  • Master of Business Administration 
  • Master of Business Logistics Engineering 
  • Master of Business Operational Excellence   
  • Master of City and Regional Planning 
  • Master of Clinical Research 
  • Master of Dental Hygiene 
  • Master of Dietetics and Nutrition 
  • Master of Education 
  • Master of Engineering Management 
  • Master of Environment and Natural Resources 
  • Master of Fine Arts 
  • Master of Global Engineering Leadership 
  • Master of Health Administration 
  • Master of Health Care Innovation 
  • Master of Human Resource Management 
  • Master of Landscape Architecture 
  • Master of Learning Technologies 
  • Master of Mathematical Sciences 
  • Master of Music 
  • Master of Plant Health Management 
  • Master of Public Administration 
  • Master of Public Administration and Leadership 
  • Master of Public Health 
  • Master of Respiratory Therapy, Advanced Practice 
  • Master of Social Work 
  • Master of Sports Coaching 
  • Master of Translational Data Analytics 
  • Specialist in Education 
  • Specialized Master in Business