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Fees Explanation

Instructional Fee:

The Instructional Fee is used to fund instructional costs at the university. Students who are registered for classes at more than one campus of The Ohio State University during any single term will have their fees assessed based on the campus carrying the majority of their instructional credit hours.  For more information, please go to the Guidelines for Multi-Campus Students page.

Surcharge Fee on Overload Enrollments:

Starting autumn semester 2012, students enrolled in more than 18 credit hours will be billed for credits beyond 18, in addition to billing for full-time enrollment (12-18 credits, for undergraduate students). The "Over 18 Hours" rate is the same as the per credit hour rate up to 12 hours, and applies only to instructional, general and non-resident fees.

Student Activity Fee:

All students at the Columbus campus of The Ohio State University are assessed a Student Activity Fee each term to support programs that benefit all students. The fee supports free on-campus entertainment, cultural and arts events, student organizations and clubs, and discounted tickets to sports, arts and cultural events in the Columbus community and throughout Ohio. Approved by the Board of Trustees to support free and discounted programs and opportunities on and around campus for all students. The fee is $37.50 per term. Learn more at

Student Union Facility Fee:

All students at the Columbus campus of The Ohio State University are assessed a facility fee for the Ohio Union. The student fee helps fund the Ohio Union facility, student organization and student meeting space, and cutting-edge venues that support student programming.


The Central Ohio Transit Authority (COTA) provides students with unlimited use of COTA services in exchange for a flat fee per term.   The fee of $13.50 per term applies only to Columbus campus. For a copy of COTA guidelines, please go to the COTA fee page.

Distance Education Fee:

Distance education courses are defined as those courses with no scheduled in-classroom or on-site activities where the course instruction occurs via technology. A distance education administration surcharge of $100 per student per term is charged for any student who is enrolled for only courses tagged as distance education courses. Non-resident students enrolled in exclusively distance education courses will have the non-resident surcharge assessed at $5, resulting in the $105 total for the distance education administration surcharge waiting the regular non-resident fee. Site-based fees (e.g. COTA Fee, Recreation Center Fee, and the Ohio Union Fee) will also be waived for students enrolled in all distance education courses. The revenue generated from this fee will fund 24/7 distance education support. If a student has any regular or “hybrid” (regular courses that also have a significant distance education component but are not exclusively distance education) courses in addition to distance education classes, all regular fees will be assessed. Programs specifically designed as Distance Learning will have an individualized fee table located at:

General Fee:

The General Fee is mandated by the State of Ohio for the funding of non-instructional student services. At The Ohio State University, general fees provide those student services whose primary purpose is to contribute to the students' emotional and physical well being, as well as their cultural and social development outside the context of the formal instructional program. Included in this category are: Counseling and Consultation Services, Student Health Services, Recreational and Intramural Sports, the Student Unions, Disability Services and the Multicultural Center. 

Learning Technology Fee:

Some plans are charged a Learning Technology Fee to pay certain technology related expenses within the primary program. To see if a particular program or plan has a fee go to Fee Tables.

Recreational Fee:

All students (except those who are regular employees of the university) taking 4 or more credit hours on the Columbus campus are assessed this fee, which provides support for all campus recreational sports facilities, programs and services. Students who are assessed the fee are automatic members of the recreational sports facilities and eligible for all member benefits. For more information go to For current fee rates, please go to Fee Tables. Exception applies to Post-Candidacy Doctoral students who are considered at a full-time status at 3 credit hours. Post-Candidacy Doctoral students will be assessed this fee beginning at that level of enrollment.

Program Fee:

Some programs charge a Program Fee to pay for certain program related expenses. To see if a particular plan has a fee go to Fee Tables.

Non-Resident Surcharge:

Students who are non-residents of Ohio will be assessed a non-resident tuition surcharge. The state of Ohio provides a tuition subsidy for residents of Ohio, which is largely funded by the taxpayers of Ohio. In order to receive the Ohio residency for tuition purposes, a student would have to prove that they meet the qualifications set by the Ohio Department of Higher Education in the Ohio Administrative Code, Chapter 3333.1.10 and Ohio Revised Code, Chapter 3333.31. For more information, please go to Ohio Residency for Tuition. Ohio residents who fail to prove their registration with the Selective Service System, will also be assessed a non-resident tuition surcharge.

Fee Adjustments and Refunds:

When students adjust their schedule or withdraw after the first Friday of the semester, tuition and fees will also be adjusted to reflect the changes. A reduction in credit hours may result in a refund of a portion of the fees. Students dropping from full-time status (undergraduate 12 credit hours; graduate or graduate/professional 8 credit hours) to part-time status may be eligible for a refund of a portion of their Instructional Fees, General Fees, Non-Resident Fees, Learning Tech Fees, Program Fees, Lab Fees, and some Course Fees. Students withdrawing completely may also be eligible for the refund of additional fees including Student Activity Fee, COTA Fee, Student Legal Services Fee, Recreational Fee, Student Union Fee, Distance Learning Fee, and International Undergraduate Student Fee.

No refunds will be given for classes dropped after the fourth Friday of the semester.

Semester Refund Schedule:

    100% Refund Through the 1st Friday of semester classes
    75% Refund 1st Saturday through the 2nd Friday of semester classes
    50% Refund 2nd Saturday through the 4th Friday of semester classes
    No Refund After the 4th Friday of semester classes

For a detailed summary of the refund schedule or for semester or term, 7-week session, 4-week session, 6-week Session, and 8-week session, please visit the Tuition Adjustments PDF.

Miscellaneous Fees

  • ATI (Wooster) Safety Fee: $22.50

  • Course Fee(s):

  • Course Fee(s) are designed to fund additional costs for specific courses.  Any courses that require added materials and/or equipment will have this fee assessed.  The College or plan (major) determines the level of the course fee. To see if a particular course has a fee, please visit the complete course fees listing.

  • Zero Credit Hour Courses:

  • Courses that are assigned zero credit hours are charged at the 0.5 credit hour rate, unless otherwise indicated. Note: The first line on each fee table is for 0.0-0.5 credit hours. For example: Students who register for a 3 credit hour class and a zero credit hour class will be charged at the 3.5 credit hour rate.

  • Auditing Courses:

  • Students who choose to audit a course will need to see their academic advisor to register as an audit for the course and will be charged full tuition and fees for the audited course in addition to their other courses. All registration and payment deadlines apply.

  • Clinical Education Support Fee:

  • Dentistry (Program = DENT, Plan = DENT-DDS) Level 1; $1476 per term, Level 2, 3, and 4; $1309 per term
    Dental Hygiene (Program = UDHY, Plan = DENTHYG-BS) $853 per term (not assessed in summer term)

  • Optometry Equipment Fee:

  • Varies from $525 to $591 depending on rank. Please see the appropriate Tuition and Fee Table.

  • International Undergraduate Student Fee:

  • Beginning Autumn 2017, all new Columbus campus international undergraduate students will be assessed an International Fee of up to $1,464 per term for the duration of their career. Columbus campus international students admitted between Autumn 2015 and Summer 2017 will be assessed an International Fee of up to $966 per term for the duration of their career. Students enrolled prior to August 2015 will be assessed an International Fee of up to $498 per term. The fee is assessed based on the number of credit hours in which the student is enrolled. This fee provides resources for international students, including academic support services (e.g., language proficiency offerings, enhancement of temporary housing and counseling services, planning and delivery of new programs) and provides resources for university-wide strategic investments.

International Surcharge - Undergraduate
Students Enrolled Prior to August 2015
Students Admitted Between August 2015 and Summer 2017
Students Admitted August 2017 and After
Credit Hour(s)
Credit Hour(s)
Credit Hour(s)
12.0 - 18.0
12.0 - 18.0
12.0 - 18.0


Late Payment Fees:

$200 for failure to pay by the payment due date (7 calendar day before the first day of classes). This includes the first installment of the Tuition Option Payment Plan (TOPP).

Increases to $300 for failure to pay by the 2nd Friday of classes. Note: Separate late fees are assessed on behalf of University Residences and Dining Services.

In addition, students will be assessed:

Late Add Fees:

$100 for each class added after the 2nd Friday of classes

Late Registration Fees:

$500 for initial registration after the 2nd Friday of classes

Law Transcript Fee:

One time fee of $25.00 assessed the first time enrolled in the LAW career.

Law Student Bar Association:

One time fee of $45.00 assessed the first time enrolled in the LAW career.

Optometry Professional Association Fee:

$55 fee assessed once per academic year beginning in autumn for students enrolled in Optometry.

Orientation Fee:

New transfer students and new first semester freshmen students enrolling for the spring and summer terms will be assessed a one time fee of $25. New students enrolling in autumn semester on Columbus campus will be assessed a one time fee of $50. Regional Campus students will be assessed a one time fee of $50 (labeled the "New Student Enrollment Fee" on the Statement of Account). International Affairs students enrolling will be assessed a one time fee of $50 their first term. Go to for additional information on orientation.

Pager Fee:

Third and fourth year medical students are assessed a fee of $30 during autumn and spring semester (Program is MED).


Go to:

Publication Fees: (Assessed first term of enrollment each year)


    $2.00 (All Campuses)

  • AHR, ENG

    $1.00 (All Campuses)

Re-Enrollment Fee:

Students who have not paid tuition, all fees, and prior term balances by the 2nd Friday of classes will be dropped from all enrollments for non payment. Students who have been dropped for non-payment and wish to be re-enrolled will be assessed a $300 fee to re-enroll in addition to any incurred late fees.

Room & Board:

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Student Health Insurance:

Go to

Student Legal Services:

Assessed to students who are in a degree granting program with at least one credit that is not distance learning, whose home campus is Columbus, and who are not regular employees of The Ohio State University. The fee is assessed only once at first enrollment for the academic year:

$40 if enrolled in autumn (autumn through summer term coverage)
$23 if enrolled in spring, but was not enrolled for autumn (spring and summer term coverage)
$6 for summer only.

Law students are assessed $40 if enrolled for autumn, $23 if enrolled for winter/spring and $6 for summer only.

To opt out of this fee and waive your coverage, please see the information available at


$7.00 per copy

Veterinary Medicine Clinical Education Fee:

$277.50 Tier 1
$202.50 Tier 2
$277.50 Tier 3
$352.50 Tier 4

Note 1: Non-residents must pay the non-resident total.

Note 2: Fees are assessed based on your program and/or plan of enrollment.

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