Selective Service Registration and In-State Tuition

Per the Ohio Revised Code, students who are required to register with the United States Selective Service and have not done so are not eligible for state of Ohio’s tuition subsidy.

To determine whether a student is required to register, please visit the Selective Service Who Needs to Register webpage.

All students who are required to register through the Selective Service must provide their Selective Service Registration Number to The Ohio State University. If a student who is a resident of the State of Ohio fails to provide their Select Service Registration Number to Ohio State, it will result in the assessment of non-resident fees.

  • Students are expected to make full payment (including non-resident fees) by their appropriate payment due date.
  • Payment deadlines may not be waived or extended if a student is waiting to receive their Selective Service Registration Number, so be sure to register in a timely manner.

Steps to Meet Residency Qualifications

  1. Register at the Selective Service website up to 30 days prior to your 18th birthday.
  2. Submit your Selective Service Registration Number (SSRN) to the Office of the University Registrar.

Additional Important Information

  • If a student needs to register or to look up their registration number, visit the Selective Service website.
  • College Credit Plus / Academy / Metro students are required to provide their selective service number upon turning 18 years of age.
  • Students or applicants with a SSRN to-do item in Buckeye Link but who are not required to register must submit a Status Information Letter.