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Circulating forms

Below are the Circulating Forms of changes to existing courses, new courses and course withdrawals. To obtain information on items listed here, please contact the University Registrar's office, the Office of Academic Affairs, or the academic unit making the request.

If no objections are filed with the Office of Academic Affairs and the academic unit proposing the course change, new course or withdrawal within two weeks of appearing in the Circulating Form, the request will be considered approved. A listserv is maintained to notify the campus community when a new Circulating Form is available. To be added or removed from the listserv, please contact the University Registrar's office.

University Registrar circulating form contact: Sarah Brower


A new Circulating Form will be published the first week of each month. It will include all materials approved in Academic Affairs and received by the University Registrar's office during the previous month.

Available years

Note, circulating form publication years run from March-February.