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Limbo Courses

The University Registrar will monitor the frequency of course offerings, identify those that have not been offered for three consecutive years, and inform the dean of the appropriate college. The dean and the chair or director of the relevant instructional unit will decide whether to remove that course from the course bulletin prior to the next academic year (Faculty Rule 3335-8-16).

The current business process to execute the above Faculty Rule is outlined below:

Every summer, the Office of the University Registrar will report to the Office of Academic Affairs (OAA) courses that have not been successfully offered for 3 years/9 terms. ‘Successful offering’ is defined as student enrollment in a course that is greater than zero for a given term. That list of courses is distributed by OAA to the course offering units for review to determine which courses should be retained (with justification), placed into limbo status, or withdrawn from the course catalog. Courses remaining in limbo for 5 years will be officially withdrawn from the catalog.

The courses in the following report are currently in limbo status. These courses cannot currently be scheduled for student enrollment, no will they appear in the course catalog. If your academic area has the need to offer any course in limbo status, please contact your Curricular Representative. Please reach out to if you need additional information.

Limbo Course Report Autumn 2023(pdf)

last updated September 08, 2023