Room and Class Scheduling Office

Classroom Scheduling Office Contact List

Students who need assistance with their class schedules or enrollment issues should contact their academic advisor. The staff listed below handle room scheduling only.

Name Title Contact
Michael Gable Sr. Assistant Registrar/ Spring Semester Scheduling Coordinator
Jonathan Deel Space Logistics Coordinator
Nick Painter Autumn Semester Scheduling Coordinator
Kate McNeal
Sarah Brower Course & Summer Term Scheduling Coordinator



Scheduling Policies and Procedures

The scheduling office is responsible for the placement of classes, events and activities into classroom pool rooms and several common outdoor spaces (including the Oval). The goal of scheduling is to schedule classroom space in such a way as to match the needs of the user with the current resources available and accomplish this in the most efficient, equitable and accurate manner possible. In an effort to be fair to all users, it is the practice of the scheduling office to provide classroom pool space to its users while being sensitive to issues of time and location proximity when placing classes in classrooms. This task is accomplished using "Need Based Assignments" within published deadlines. Note: Approved and scheduled classes, events, and activities are subject to change. 

Scheduling will provide rooms as available, and with priority given for academic classes and other academic activities.  When necessary, confirmed events may need to be moved or changed to accommodate academic classes or activities.


Classroom pool use

  • In order to maximize the use of classroom pool spaces, departments are asked to conform to the meeting patterns, philosophy, and space and scheduling guidelines that are outlined in the approved weekly schedule.
  • Please be courteous to other users by remembering to completely erase all boards, return all furniture to its appropriate location (furniture layout diagram is provided near the door of each room), keep all furniture in its original classroom and respect the transition time between classes.
  • In the interest of maintaining a comfortable learning environment, bringing food or drink into the spaces, or removing furniture from them, is prohibited.

Exams and review sessions

All exams and reviews must be requested in advance through scheduling using the following guidelines:

  • Review sessions: must be requested by Wednesday in the week prior to the session.
  • Common final exams: must be requested approximately 2 months prior to the start of classes for any term.
  • Common midterms: must be requested approximately 3 months prior to the start of classes for any term.

For specific dates, please visit the section labeled "scheduling calendar" below.

Maintenance and room renovations

  • Minor maintenance should be scheduled at least one day in advance. The repair work must be done before, in-between or after scheduled class times. The inquiry for available times should be directed to the classroom logistics coordinator.
  • Work requiring the closure of a classroom during an academic term must be scheduled one year in advance.
  • Maintenance or upgrade work that is planned to begin and completed during a break can be scheduled with the classroom logistics coordinator. Work during breaks should be scheduled as early as possible.



University Space Rules

We are steadfastly committed to promoting the First Amendment right to free speech and expression on our campuses. Encouraging individuals to share their varying thoughts and perspectives enriches the university environment and can allow community members to experience new ideas. 

The university has spaces available for use for speech and expressive activities. While free speech activities may take a variety of forms, specific information about how to reserve university spaces for discrete activities and events is outlined below. Additional information is available in the University Space Rules.