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Classroom Scheduling

Important Scheduling Information

Room Matrix / Room Matrix Directions (pdf)

Scheduling Calendar 2021 (pdf)

Scheduling Calendar 2022 (pdf)

Academic Calendar 

Registration, Fees and Important Dates

Department Contact List (pdf)

Scheduling Policies 

Approved Weekly Schedule (pdf)

Approved Weekly Schedule - Summer (pdf)

Instructor Assignments in SIS: A Guide (pdf)

Distance Education Instruction Mode Job Aid

Virtual Course Components

Managing the Schedule of Classes Training

Managing the Schedule of Classes Training Manual (pdf)

Scheduling Staff 


Classroom Pool Information

Autumn 21 GA Rooms (pdf) / Spring 22 GA Rooms (pdf) / Summer 22 GA Rooms (pdf) / Autumn 22 GA Rooms (pdf)

Classroom Locks (pdf)

Autumn 2021 Building Schedule (pdf)

Spring 2022 Building Schedule (pdf)

Building Coordinators 

Department Building Preferences (pdf)


Course & Event Related

Autumn 22 Finals (pdf) / Spring 22 Finals (pdf) / Summer 22 Finals (pdf)

Session 1 Final Exams (pdf)

Autumn 2021 Finals Assignment List (pdf)

SIS Event Request Directions (pdf)

Course Bulletin 

College/Department Request: Indoor Event / Outdoor Event

Student Organization Request: Indoor Event / Outdoor Event

University Space Rules


Instructional Space Study

2019 Classroom Utilization Study (pdf)

Framework 2.0 Space Needs Assessment (pdf)

2009 Instructional Space Feasibility Study (pdf) / Executive Summary (pdf) / Recommendations (pdf)


Meeting Notes

2021 Scheduling Contacts Meeting PowerPoint (pdf)

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