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Prior Learning Assessment for Military Credit

Option for:  Military and veteran students



Ohio's public institutions are committed to accepting and awarding college credit for military training, experience and course work. The Ohio Department of Higher Education provides a set of standards and procedures that bring uniformity and consistency to the process of assisting veterans, guard/reserve, and active duty service members with their educational and career goals. Read more about military credit at

Ohio State grants credit for officially documented military training, experience and/or coursework, as recommended by the American Council on Education. Additionally, Ohio State awards credit from regionally accredited military institutions such as the Community College of the Air Force (CCAF).

Did you receive general transfer (K) credit from your Joint Services Transcript (JST)? Follow the steps below to collect American Council on Education (ACE) course information to help with the transfer credit evaluation process. Please note if you have credit from CCAF, you’ll need to request syllabi from CCAF.

Step 1: Review your transfer credit report and identify the general credit (example: INSTDS G000.01) that needs further evaluated.

Step 2: Locate the ACE identifier on your transfer credit report (example: MC-2204-0088). The ACE identifier is specific to the military service (example MC stands for Marine Corps).

Step 3: Go to the American Council on Education (ACE) Military Guide to find course specific information. Enter the ACE identifier (example: MC-2204-0088) and select the timeframe you completed the course. Make sure to enter the dashes (-) in the search field.

Step 4: The course information will result with credit recommendations and a course description. To save the document as a PDF follow these steps:

  • Select the “Print” button
  • Select “Save as PDF” as the destination
  • Save the page(s) as a PDF document and include your first and last name in the file name of the document

Step 5: Contact the appropriate Transfer Credit Coordinator to have your general credit further evaluated. For example, INSTDS needs further evaluated by the International Studies Transfer Credit Coordinator. Provide the coordinator with a copy of your transfer credit report and the ACE Military Guide course information (PDF).




General Education Military Credit

Ohio State undergraduate, degree-seeking military member and Veteran students who have served in a foreign country, outside of the United States for at least 90 days (consecutive or non-consecutive) are eligible to receive general education credit (Global Studies in legacy GE and Social & Behavioral Sciences in new GE) for their experience and training. Eligible students should complete the secure form below and submit a copy of their service record listing deployment information (DD Form 214) for review. Credit earned through this process is awarded “K” transfer credit – not native Ohio State course credit – and does not impact a student’s Ohio State GPA. Once reviewed, the Transfer Credit Center will send a confirmation email informing the student that the credit has been either approved or denied. For additional information about the Ohio Department of Higher Education General Education Military Credit Project, please see Appendix W of the OATN Policy.


General Education Military Credit Form