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Prior Learning Assessment for College Credit Plus

Option for: High school students



College Credit Plus (CCP) allows qualified students in grades seven through 12 to earn college and high school credit at the same time by taking college courses from community colleges or universities. The purpose of this program is to promote rigorous academic pursuits and to provide a variety of options to college-ready students. Through the CCP program, classes at public colleges and universities are free--as are books and fees! At Ohio State, CCP participants can take classes online or on campus at any Ohio State campus.

Some of the benefits of CCP:

  • College-ready students can earn credits while still in high school.
  • Public school students can earn up to 30 college credit hours per year or a maximum of 120 credits.
  • Students can attend public colleges and universities at no cost. There is no cost to the student for tuition, textbooks or fees.
  • Credits earned can transfer toward a bachelor’s degree. General education courses that meet the Ohio Transfer 36 guarantees transferability to Ohio universities and colleges.

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