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Use Course (UC)


This exception will force a student’s course into a certain requirement.

IMPORTANT: It is advisable to try an “Insert Course” exception before attempting a “Use Course” exception, which should be used as a last resort. This exception can lead to side effects to other areas on the audit.


A student is majoring in Agricultural Systems Management, which requires some supporting courses. The student took HCS 2200, which is allowed to a count as a supporting course, but is not matching to the sub-requirement.


Before the Exception


screenshot of example degree audit before exception



Entering the Exception


Step 1. Select “Exceptions” from the menu bar, then select the “Add Exception” button.


list of exception types



Step 3. Enter the course and pseudo course of the requirement that is being waived, and then select “Save” toward the bottom.


screenshot of text field to enter course and pseudo course



After the Exception


screenshot of example degree audit after the exception