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Course Substitution (CS)


A student’s course can be substituted for a specific course in a list of acceptable courses. With this exception, the student’s course assumes the identity of the course being substituted.

It is advisable to try an “Insert Course” exception before attempting a “Course Substitution” exception.


A student receives general credit for a transfer course, PSYCH S000.02.This course was approved to meet the GE Social Science: Individuals and Groups sub-requirement and was substituted for PSYCH 1100.


Before the Exception


screenshot showing social science requirements



Entering the Exception


Step 1. Select “Exceptions” from the menu bar, then select the “Add Exception” button.


screenshot showing "add exceptions" button



Step 2. Select “Course Substitution” from list of Exception Types.


screenshot showing list of exception options



Step 3. Enter the Course and Substituted Course for the sub-requirement being modified and then select "Save."


screenshot showing fields to enter course information and the save button



After the Exception


screenshot showing social science requirement after the exception, and PSYCH S000.02 is now listed