International Baccalaureate (IB)

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The IB program is designed to educate students from a global perspective. Students who successfully complete courses in six core subject areas earn an IB diploma. Students who do not complete all six requirements can earn an IB certificate. Ohio State only awards credit for IB scores of 4 or higher that are achieved in the higher level (HL) programs and approved by the department. No credit is awarded for standard level (SL) scores.

Credit you can earn

See what credit you can earn based on IB scores.

More information about the IB program is available at

Steps to get your scores sent and credit posted

To earn credit for IB scores, request to have your official score report sent to recipient code "Ohio State University—All Campuses"

Go to to view your credits, advising report and degree audit. For help, contact your academic advisor.


Ohio State receives and posts scores electronically; scores are typically posted the same day as received. Scores for incoming students sent to Ohio State on exam day are usually processed by July 10. Scores sent after exam day are generally processed within three weeks from the request date.

If your orientation program is before IB scores will be processed, your academic advisor will help you estimate what credits you might earn. Your academic advisor will give you the best advice on which courses to register for based on your IB experience, your major and other factors

Math placement

Students who think they will earn math credits based on a qualifying score in IB Math are not required to take the math placement test. However, taking the placement test will not place you into a lower math course. Therefore, it is advised that all new students take the online assessment prior to orientation so you can register for a math course during orientation.

Tests from prior years

Credit is awarded based on the term of admission, not the date Ohio State receives your score report. Contact the Testing Center for information from prior years..

Credits not posted

First, verify that Ohio State University is listed as a score recipient on your account. If not, request to have you official score report sent to Ohio State. If Ohio State is listed as a recipient institution, verify the accuracy of your information. If items are incomplete or inaccurate, your record may need to be updated — call the Testing Center at 614-292-2241. If Ohio State is listed as a recipient institution and all demographic information appears correct, bring the original copy of your IB Student Transcript the Testing Center for processing.