Credit by Exam (CBE)

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Credit by Exam consists of Ohio State-specific tests that allow students to earn EM (examination mark) credit toward graduation by successfully completing tests in subject areas. Two types of tests created by The Ohio State University are used to measure content knowledge for specific courses: EM tests and departmental exams.


  • You must be a currently enrolled undergraduate student at The Ohio State University to receive credit for EM tests.
  • EM credit will not be awarded for courses that are prerequisites to those for which credit already has been earned.
  • EM credit will not be awarded for any course in which a student has received either a mark at Ohio State or transfer credit from another institution.
  • Examination credit awarded by another higher education institution is evaluated as part of Ohio State‚Äôs transfer credit evaluation process.
  • Students currently enrolled in a course may take an EM test for that course only during the first week of the term. (For autumn semester only, students can take the test and be enrolled in the course during the first two weeks of the term.)
  • Students are advised to check their individual major requirements for exclusion information that would prevent the awarding of EM credit for any particular course, program or subject area.
  • EM tests cannot be repeated.