Student Evaluation of Instruction Reports

The Student Evaluation of Instruction (SEI) transitioned to a new platform during Summer Term 2018. Blue from Explorance, Inc, is a higher education trusted leader in course evaluation.

Report Access:

Reports are available the Tuesday after Commencement.  There are three ways to access your reports.

  1. An email with a link to view your reports will be sent when available. 
  2. In the SEI Center in Carmen.
  3. Access Blue.

Please review instructions for how to download all of your reports at once in Blue.
Prior term reports are still available in the Faculty Center

Cumulative reports for annual review and promotion and tenure:

Faculty will need to use their Cumulative Reports from the Faculty Center (see below for instructions) as well as the Instructor Summary for their portfolios. A new Cumulative Report is being developed that will include all classes in Blue.

SEI Overview Report:

This report is similar to the SEI Class Report in PeopleSoft with a few changes:

  1. Combined class reports now list all class information – no more confusion about what classes are included on a report.
  2. Frequency Analysis: All SEI questions.
  3. Score Analysis table of your responses compared to the department, and to same-size classes in your college and the university.

SEI Class Detail Report:

This multi-page report contains the information from the Overview Report along with additional data:

  1. Response rate.
  2. Frequency Analysis: All SEI questions, grouped by key elements of teaching. 
  3. Score Analysis:
    • Bar graph display of your responses compared to the department, and to same size classes in your college and the university.
    • Table containing the same comparisons including Standard Deviations.
  4. Enrollment Reason: A breakdown of why students enrolled in this class.  Old reports only listed the predominant reason students enrolled.
  5. Comments: if enabled, now appear within the report.  No more matching them up yourself.

SEI Instructor Summary Report:

All of your classes in one report.

  1. Combined response rate.
  2. Frequency Analysis for all classes organized around the three key elements of teaching:
    • Overall analysis for all classes combined.
    • Each class listed separately giving a breakdown of combined class results.
  3. Score Analysis for all classes combined:
    • Bar graph display of your overall responses compared to the department, your college and the university. 
    • Since you might be teaching classes of different sizes, the college and university comparisons are not based on size like they are on the individual class reports.
    • Table containing the same comparisons including Standard Deviations.

Historical Data Report (in Blue):

This report contains information from Summer 2009 through Spring 2018.

1. Question 10 results for all classes.
2. Frequency Analysis for each question for each class.
3. Comparison Scores - the results for each question for the university, and the college and/or department, if available.
4. Question Rankings - the three highest and three lowest rated items from all SEI responses.
5. Enrollment Reason - breakdown of what reasons students gave each semester for taking your classes.

SEI Reports for prior terms:

Reports from Spring 2018 and prior are available in the Faculty Center. This includes both the cumulative and individual class reports.

Note: the cumulative report will not be updated moving forward, effective Spring 2018. You may want to save a copy of it locally, as access to this report in this format will end with the transition to Workday in 2021.

Accessing the SEI Reports from the Faculty Center for Spring 2018 and prior can be accomplished by following the below instructions:

1. Go to
2. Click on the Faculty/Staff (Logins and Resources) task.
3. Use your OSU username and password to log in to the Faculty Center.
4. Click on the Change Term button; select the term for which you wish a report, and click Continue. Note: choose Spring 2018 for a cumulative report.
5. Click on the SEI Info button that appears to the left of the desired dates. Note: the icons for the Class Roster, Gradebook, Grade Roster, and SEI Info above your class list are not functional and merely serve to illustrate frequently-used buttons.
6. Scroll down to the SEI Reports section, click on Generate New SEI Class Report or Generate New SEI Cumulative Report.
7. Wait for the page to refresh until the report is generated.
8. Once the report is generated, click on View Existing Class Report to see the SEI report. Note: reports you previously generated remain available for you to view, print, or download for a two-week period. You can generate a fresh copy of the report at any time.
9. Repeat steps 3-7 for each class.

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