Participation Rosters

In order to comply with Federal Title IV regulations, The Ohio State University is collecting information regarding whether a student begins attending or participating in a class at the beginning of the semester or session.

All instructors are required to complete a "participation roster" during the first week of classes. The roster allows you to either answer "yes" the student has attended or participated in some way, or "no" the student has not attended and has not participated.

When completing the participation roster, be cognizant of students who have made you aware of other commitments including religious holidays for which they are seeking an excused absence. View a list of potential religious holidays, and a letter from the Interfaith Council.

On August 18, 2017, Bruce A. McPheron, PhD, Executive Vice President and Provost, sent out the this communication to faculty on all campuses outlining the federal guidelines that Ohio State is adhering to.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is this information being collected?
The university is required to collect this information to be compliant with Federal Title IV requirements on federal aid. As part of our responsibility for awarding federal financial aid, we are required to track that a student has begun attending or participating in a class.

What is considered participation?
Academic attendance and academically-related activity includes but is not limited to:
1. Physically attending class at least once during the first week of instruction (for this purpose, does not need to attend each day the class meets)
2. Attending an online class
3. Submitting an academic assignment or exam (in person, email, or Carmen)
4. Attending a study group or special class meeting assigned by the instructor
5. Participating in an online discussion
6. Documented student participation in an interactive tutorial or computer-assisted instruction
7. An email from the student or other documentation showing that the student initiated contact with a faculty member to ask a question about an academic subject studied in the course

Where can I find more information about attendance and participation for online courses?
Please visit the Office of Distance Education and eLearning's website for Attendance in Online Courses.

When will the participation roster be available in Faculty Center?
Participation rosters for the following Autumn classes will be available on Monday, August 23. Participation rosters are due from faculty on Tuesday, August 31. The first day of classes is Tuesday, August 24 for these sessions.

  • Full-term
  • 7-week session 1

Participation rosters for the following Autumn classes will be available on Sunday, October 17. Participation rosters are due from faculty on Monday, October 25. The first day of classes is Monday, October 18 for this session.

  • 7-week session 2

What if a student attends the first week but stops attending?
If a student does not drop the class on their own, a mark of “EN” (failing for non-enrollment) should be submitted by the instructor at the end of the semester.

My class meets on Monday’s only, will I still meet the deadline?
Yes, the deadline is automatically extended for any classes that meet on Monday only. Please submit your participation roster by the end of the day on Tuesday after your first class meeting.

A student who registered for my class and is on my class roster is not appearing on my participation roster. Why is that?
Participation rosters are created prior to the first day of classes, and do not refresh. If a student added late and is not participating, a mark of “EN” (failing for non-enrollment) should be submitted by the instructor at the end of the semester.

My class was created and students enrolled after the first day of classes, will I receive a participation roster?
You will not receive a participation roster for classes created after the first day. However, if a student has failed to attend or participate during the first week, please inform the University Registrar at

What happens if I answer “no” that a student has not attended or participated in my class?
The University Registrar reaches out to the student to confirm the information and the class is dropped from the student’s schedule.

What happens if a students contacts me to have their attendance or participation updated on the participation roster?
Have your student contact the University Registrar at in order to have their attendance or participation update.

If a student drops my class during the first week of classes, what do I need to do?
Changes of enrollment during the first week of classes will not reflect on your participation roster. Instructors can simply mark the student as "no" and the University Registrar will verify if the student has already been dropped or is still enrolled.

If a student is dropped from my class because they have not attended or participated, will this allow a different student to be added from the waitlist?
The University Registrar will not drop any students based on the participation roster until after the waitlist process has stopped running. However, an instructional department may drop a student from the class earlier based on a request from the instructor (see faculty rule 3335-8-33. The waitlist does not add students to classes beyond the first Friday of the semester.

I missed a student when taking attendance or they were not in attendance during the first week but would like to continue to be enrolled. Should I update the roster?
No, please email to notify us of the update. Please include the student’s name, EMPLID or .number, and class information. If, however, a student was marked “yes” but has not been in attendance and it is past the participation roster drop deadline, dis-enrolling the student is at the department’s discretion. Faculty rule 3335-8-33 allows an instructor, academic department or the University Registrar to dis-enroll a student from a course after the first week of class for non-attendance.

I failed to submit my participation roster by the deadline and it is now closed, what should I do?
Please email with the names, EMPLIDs or name.#, and class information for the students who did not attend/participate in your course.

How-to Instructions

To provide a better sense for the steps you would need to take to complete a participation roster, please view these step-by-step instructions.

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