University Registrar

Separation of Retroactive

Separation of Retroactive Academic and
Financial Decisions for Previous Quarters/Semesters

On March 6, 2001, the Council on Enrollment and Student Progress (CESP) debated whether the university needed to separate retroactive academic and financial decisions for previous quarters/semesters. The debate focused on a proposal there should be a separation of decisions regarding retroactive drops and withdrawals for past terms. Thus a "statute of limitations" would be set on the financial impact of retroactive petitions for drops and withdrawals. This proposal was approved and is now university policy. Under the approved policy the appropriate college office will make the academic decision with the strong presumption their decision will not have any financial impact on the student. Having said this, CESP did empower the Office of the University Registrar with the authority to consider appeals to this "no refund" policy. If a request for a retroactive change to an academic record is for a current or immediately preceding term (2 if during an autumn term), the effective date for the academic record change will prompt a related re-assessment of the student's fees, and possibly financial aid, for that term.

To the latter's end, if a college office believes special and/or extenuating circumstances exist which support the need for a reassessment of the financial aspects of the action, the college office will forward by letter their rationale as to why this student's case should receive an appellate review. Student Advocacy, via the college office, may weigh in on the student's behalf. The letter from the college office, with supporting documentation, needs to be addressed to the Office of the University Registrar, 5th floor Student Academic Services Building, 281 W Lane Avenue, Columbus, OH 43210 for final action. NOTE: Only those cases involving an appeal of the "statute of limitations" should be sent to the Office of the University Registrar