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Students are responsible for knowing their own standing scholastically in reference to the published regulations and standards of the University and of their college or school.

Additional policy information can be found by reviewing the 2022-2023 Buckeye's Guide to Academic Policies (PDF), or by visiting the University Policy Website.

Past policy information can be found by reviewing the now archived guides.

2021-2022 Buckeye's Guide to Academic Policies (PDF).

2020-2021 Buckeye's Guide to Academic Policies (PDF).

2019-2020 Buckeye's Guide to Academic Policies (PDF).

Enrollment Status

Graduate & Professional
Full Time 12+ Credit Hours   Full Time 8+ Credit Hours
Three Quarters Time 9-11.99 Credit Hours   Three Quarters Time 6-7.99 Credit Hours
Half Time 6-8.99 Credit Hours   Half Time 4-5.99 Credit Hours
Less than Half Time 0-5.99 Credit Hours   Less than Half Time 0-3.99 Credit Hours

University Rules

(established by the Ohio State University Board of Trustees)

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Examination and Marks (Grades)

Course Credit


Administrative Hold

  • An administrative hold (3335-9-16), which causes the withholding of services such as registering for courses or obtaining current quarter grades, may be placed on the records or accounts of any person who fails to comply in a reasonable period of time with an obligation imposed under university rules or who has an overdue debt or fine.

Improper Registration

  • The university registrar may cancel a student's registration in cases of improper registration (3335-9-20) or when false or incomplete information is provided on official documents.


  • Each department or school may make its own rules relative to occasional absences (3335-9-22) by students from scheduled activities.

Warning and Dismissal

  • In order to remain in good standing in the university, a student must maintain a point-hour ratio of at least 2.00: See Minimum scholastic requirements (3335-9-23).
  • There are conditions under which a student will receive a warning about his or her academic standing: See Academic warning (3335-9-24).
  • Any student who has accumulated fifteen or more deficiency points shall be placed on probation: See Academic probation (3335-9-25).
  • If the student's college or school considers a student's progress as unsatisfactory in meeting the conditions placed on his or her probation, the college or school shall be empowered to dismiss the student from the university: See Academic dismissal (3335-9-26).
  • Notice of dismissal (3335-9-27) from the university shall be sent by the dean of the college in which the dismissed student is registered.
  • Any student who may be reinstated by a college or school following academic dismissal shall be subject to such special requirements as may be determined appropriate by the dean of the college or director of the school: See Reinstatement after academic dismissal (3335-9-28).

Conditional/Unconditional Admission

University Class Ranking System

Student rank in all the undergraduate colleges is based on total credit hours completed and recorded.

Class Standing Credit Hours Earned Rank
Freshman 0 through 29 1
Sophomore 30 through 59 2
Junior 60 through 89 3
Senior 90 and up 4

For Graduate and Professional programs, the department will provide rank calculation policies as it is determined by terms attended, not credit hours earned. Rank begins anew when the student enrolls in Dentistry, Law, Medicine, Optometry, Pharmacy, Veterinary Medicine, or the Agricultural Technical Institute.

Should there be any doubt concerning the correctness of one's rank, the student should consult with the appropriate enrollment unit.

Retroactive Graduate Credit

Generally, students cannot receive graduate credit for courses taken when the student is not enrolled in the Graduate School: See Section IV.1 of the Graduate School Handbook.

Graduate Credit for Undergraduates

There are conditions under which an undergraduate may petition to take certain courses for graduate credit: See Section IV.1 of the Graduate School Handbook.

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