University Registrar

Mission and Goals

The mission of the University Registrar's office is to help identified students enroll and then succeed by providing first-rate customer service to faculty, staff, students, their families, and other publics; with a particular emphasis toward processes related to academic records, academic progress, enrollment data, classroom support, academic certification, fee assessment, and national and institutional testing. We will accomplish this mission by striving toward excellence in everything we do, challenging ourselves to be as efficient and effective as possible in our work, seeking out new and better ways of doing business for ourselves and the publics we serve, and creating an environment in the office and on campus which encourages growth, supports academics, respects people and differences, promotes communication and participation, and promotes a performance culture.


Our core functions are to serve as the University's central service and academic support unit to:

  • collect and record student and instructional academic program information, including conducting and managing processes related to registration (e.g. class rosters, course offerings bulletin, grades, registration, scheduling, verifications),

  • coordinate and produce official enrollment and academic certification from academic records (e.g. 15th day reports, transcripts/verifications, student-athlete certifications),

  • assess instructional and related fees, and determine in­state residency for tuition purposes,

  • provide support for determining academic eligibility and academic progress (e.g. degree audits, dismissals and probations, commencement certification, student-athlete certification),

  • coordinate the use of campus space which can be shared by multiple units (e.g. management of the institutional classroom pool and other common campus spaces),

  • evaluate and process transfer credit for incoming undergraduate students,

  • provide data services to collect, process and provide access to information in support of academic advising, instruction, and institutional decision-making (e.g. advising reports, degree audits, SEI's),

  • provide support for many national and institutional testing opportunities e.g. ACT, GRE, SAT; EM testing; Orientation testing, test scanning services),

  • officially respond to requests for information about students and programs, and serve as the official manager for access to and release of student academic and educational information (e.g. requests for information about individual and groups of students, including all issues related to FERPA),

  • provide appropriate service support to the Office of Student Academic Success,

  • facilitate optimum utilization of the instructional opportunities available to students.