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Columbus campus students have a unique opportunity to stay in Columbus and keep working towards their dreams and graduation. Smaller class sizes and keeping on track for graduation are some of the benefits of taking classes during Summer Term.

For Summer Term 2019, instructional fees, and general and non-resident surcharges for Columbus campus undergraduates are discounted by 25 percent compared to autumn and spring semesters. For more specific costs, view detailed fees for Summer Term. Summer Term 2019 tuition and fee tables will be updated once available. The goal of this reduced cost is to provide the opportunity for students to enroll in summer classes while saving money, and staying on track to complete their degrees.

To figure out which summer classes might be right for you, contact your academic advisor. Your advisor can help you in crafting the right academic plan to help you realize your dreams. Learn about academic advising at Ohio State.

Explore popular Summer Term classes below:
ACCTMIS 2000 - Foundations of Accounting
ACCTMIS 2200 - Introduction to Accounting I
ACCTMIS 2300 - Introduction to Accounting II
ANATOMY 2300 - Human Anatomy
ANATOMY 3300 - Advanced Human Anatomy
ASL 1102 - Elementary American Sign Language II
ASL 1103 - Intermediate American Sign Language
AVIATN 2000 - Introduction to the Aviation Industry
AVIATN 2100 - Private Pilot Fundamentals

  • Expand for more class offerings:
  • ASL 1102 - Elementary American Sign Language II
    ASL 1103 - Intermediate American Sign Language
    AVIATN 2000 - Introduction to the Aviation Industry
    AVIATN 2100 - Private Pilot Fundamentals
    AVIATN 2200 - Aviation Communications
    AVIATN 3100 - Instrument Flight Fundamentals
    AVIATN 3194 - Group Studies in Aviation
    AVIATN 4100 - Commercial Flight Fundamentals
    AVIATN 5100 - Flight Instructor Methodology
    BIOPHRN 5600 - Introduction to General Pharmacology
    COMM 1100 - Communication in Society
    COMM 2540 - Introduction to Communication Technology
    COMM 3440 - Mass Communication in Society
    COMM 3444 - Advertising and Society
    COMM 3620 - Introduction to Interpersonal Communication
    EDUTL 2368 - Introduction to Children's Literature
    EDUTL 3356 - Literature for Adolescents
    EDUTL 5442 - Teaching Reading Across the Curriculum
    EDUTL 5468 - Reading Foundations
    EDUTL 5469 - Understanding Phonics and its Role in Instruction
    HTHRHSC 2530 - The Evolving Art and Science of Medicine
    HTHRHSC 3500 - Critical Phases in Life
    HTHRHSC 4000 - Application of Ethical Decision Making in Health Care
    HTHRHSC 4570 - The Role of Integrative Medicine
    HTHRHSC 5500 - Introduction to Pathophysiology
    HTHRHSC 5510 - Pharmacological Aspects of Practice in Health and Rehabilitation Sciences
    MICRBIO 4000.01 - Basic and Practical Microbiology
    RUSSIAN 2335.99 - Magnificence, Mayhem, and Mafia: Russian Culture
    RUSSIAN 2355.99 - Russians and their Vodka: Deconstructing Myths
    SOCIOL 1101 - Introductory Sociology
    SOCIOL 3302 - Technology and Global Society
    SOCIOL 3380 - Racial and Ethnic Relations in America
    SOMALI 1101.01 - Elementary Somali I
    STAT 2450 - Introduction to Statistical Analysis I
    STAT 3470 - Introduction to Probability and Statistics for Engineers
    SWAHILI 1101 - Elementary Swahili I

Students with questions about their Student Financial Aid and how it may apply to Summer Term should contact Buckeye Link.

Dates and Deadlines and Term Structure

University academic calendar
We encourage students to familiarize themselves with the university's academic calendar for current Summer Term dates and deadlines.

Summer term structure
To provide as many options to our students for classes that fit into their schedule, Ohio State has created multiple sessions for Summer Term course offerings.
- One, 12 week Summer Term
- Two, 6-week sessions
- Two, 8-week sessions
- Three, 4-week sessions

Having multiple sessions of different lengths provides students at Ohio State the unique opportunity to adjust their schedule to their needs.

Registration information
Students should review the University Registrar's registration information, including current student enrollment appointments. Review the Course Catalog, and then Add a Class.

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Students should contact their academic advisor first. For My Buckeye Link account-related or financial aid questions, contact Buckeye Link.