A and AS Levels

The Advanced Level and Advanced Subsidiary Level are subject-based exams taken by international students. Ohio State will award credit for official results received from Cambridge International or Pearson EdExcel. To be considered official, results certificates must be originals or copies certified by the examining board. A certified copy is one that bears an original signature of the registrar or other designated school official, an original impression of the institution’s seal, or signature/seal of the examining board.

Please note the Advanced Subsidiary Level examinations (or "AS Levels") are not the same as the Advanced Level examinations (or "A Levels"). The syllabus content for an AS Level course is typically the first half of the content taught in an A Level course (e.g., a one-year course instead of a two-year course). Ohio State will award partial credit for AS Levels.

Credit you can earn

See what credit you can earn based on A and AS Level exams.