University Registrar

Online SEI Instructions (Students)

To complete an SEI for your instructor...

  1. Access your class schedule and select the current semester.
    You must be officially enrolled in a particular instructor's course to access his or her SEI form.

  2. Locate the instructor you wish to rate, and click on the Evaluation button in that row.
    No evaluation button? Either forms haven't been activated yet, or your class or instructor is not using SEIs.

  3. Provide your ratings on the 10 SEI items.
    If you wish to see the items and ratings scales on an SEI, click here to open the student view pdf. Your ratings are anonymous.

  4. If a comment box appears on the form, type the feedback you wish your instructor to have.
    Your comments are anonymous unless you type information that identifies you. Note that time spent typing comments is viewed by the system as a period of inactivity, so if you think typing your comments will take more than 20 minutes, you should copy and paste your text from another source (like Notepad) into the comments box. If you are logged out due to 30 or more minutes of "inactivity," your SEI responses cannot be recovered.

  5. When you have entered the form information and any comments you want to give, click on the Continue button.
    Note that clicking on the Continue button does NOT submit your SEI data. Instead, you will see the feedback you've provided and have a chance to either return to the form to make changes, or to submit the SEI.

  6. When you are finished checking your SEI feedback, click on the Submit button .
    You must click on the Submit button to complete the SEI form. Note that the feedback you provide cannot be modified in any way once you click the Submit button.

Click here to complete SEIs for your instructors

  • Once you click on the link, log in to your My Buckeye Link and navigate to your "class schedule."

  • The deadline to respond is 11:59 p.m. of the day before final exams begin.

  • The deadline will not be extended.

  • Once your instructor posts your grade for a class, you can no longer access the SEI for that class.

  • Once you press the submit button, your SEI cannot be changed in any way.

Online services are available

  • 24 hours a day / 7 days a week, except:

  • Sunday 12 am - 11 am

NOTE: some departments and course types (such as independent studies) do not use the SEI instrument, so the evaluation button may not appear for all of your courses. See for more details.