University Registrar

SEI Instructor Reports

How to obtain a report if you are an instructor

  1. Use your OSU username and password and click here to login to the Faculty Center (new window).

  2. Click on the Change Term button; select the term for which you wish a report, and click Continue.
    NOTE: SEI reports for individual classes are available beginning the Tuesday following commencement each term.

  3. Click on the SEI Info button that appears to the left of the desired class.
    NOTE: the icons for the Class Roster, Gradebook, Grade Roster, and SEI Info above your class list
    are not functional and merely serve to illustrate frequently-used buttons.

  4. Scroll down to the SEI Reports section, click on Generate New SEI Class Report.

  5. Wait for the page to refresh until the report is generated.
    NOTE: At times of great demand on the system, such as the days immediately
    following the release of SEI reports, you may experience an hours-long wait. 
    If your request is not fulfilled by 1:00 a.m., you must resubmit the request the next day.

  6. Once the report is generated, click on View Existing Class Report to see the SEI report.
    NOTE: Reports you previously generated remain available for you to view, print, or download
    for a two-week period. You can generate a fresh copy of the report at any time.

  7. Repeat steps 3 - 6 for each class.

Because your cumulative SEI summary report is not class-specific, you can click on Generate New SEI Cumulative Report at any time to see a brief summary of your SEI results for all classes (having 5 or more student responses). As with the class report, if you generate a cumulative report, it remains available for two weeks before you would need to generate it again.

Troubleshooting problems with reports

Particularly at times when the Student Information System is experiencing a high volume of requests, you may see a page asking you to select a language and to login. This is the "Native Oracle Login," a system glitch, and no login you have will get you access . You simply need to CLOSE YOUR BROWSER (not just the window or tab). You should find that upon logging in to the Faculty Center again, you can view your report without needing to generate it again.

SEI reports open in a separate window (or tab in the browser, depending on your browser settings). You may need to turn off the pop-up blocker on your browser.

Not all browsers and operating systems are known to be compatible with SEI report download. For more information, visit the technical support information page or contact

Other than issues with your browser or operating system, there are 5 most likely reasons you would not be able to generate your SEI report:

  1. You are trying too early in the term. SEI reports are available beginning the Tuesday following commencement each term. Requests for reports prior to the release date cannot be fulfilled.

  2. SEIs were not activated for your class. Visit the SEI FAQ page to see classes, departments, and instructors excluded from SEIs.

  3. You are looking at the wrong term. Change the default term as discussed above.

  4. You do not have a current teaching appointment with OSU and cannot access the Faculty Center.

  5. Your report is based on fewer than 5 student responses and therefore will not display in the Faculty Center.

For help with reasons 2 - 4 above, email with your OSU username (name.number) and your request. If your question concerns a particular class, providing the 4- or 5-digit class number helps us serve you more quickly.

There are two types of numeric SEI reports available to instructors:

  1. SEI Class Report

    • gives a detailed account of students' evaluation ratings for a single class
    • includes detailed comparison group information for all 10 numeric SEI items
    • comparison groups are based on the size of the class and the predominant reason students enrolled in the course
    • includes a graph of the distribution of average ratings on item 10 (the "overall" rating)
    • help understanding the report is given in the SEI Handbook
    • reports based on fewer than 5 student responses, or reports for classes taught before Summer 2009, are available only by contacting
    • sample class report (pdf)

  2. SEI Cumulative Report

    • lists the means and standard deviations of all 10 numeric SEI items
    • shows the item 10 "overall" rating for the appropriate comparison group, but no other comparison data
    • does not include an average ratings distribution graph
    • includes all classes taught by the instructor since 1994, EXCEPT those receiving fewer than 5 student responses
    • email to obtain only recent SEI history in the cumulative report or to include classes with fewer than 5 student responses
    • sample cumulative report (pdf)