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SEI Frequently Asked Questions



Does my department use the SEI?

University Rule 3335-3-35 requires that students are given the opportunity to evaluate the quality of instruction provided in each of their courses. The 10-item SEI document is the official university-wide instrument provided for this purpose. Departments and schools, through their patterns of administration, may specify another instrument to collect teaching evaluations.

Online SEIs are automatically generated for all instructors, with the following exceptions.

  1. Excluded departments: These departments do not use SEIs for their courses and instructors.

    • College of Medicine
    • College of Veterinary Medicine
    • Emergency Medicine
    • Family Medicine
    • Internal Medicine
    • Law
    • Molecular, Cellular, Developmental Biology
    • Ophthalmology
    • Optometry
    • Pediatrics
    • Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
    • Surgery
    • Veterinary Biosciences
    • Veterinary Clinical Sciences
    • Veterinary Preventive Medicine
    • Vision Science


  2. Excluded course types: These course types are not automatically enrolled in online SEIs.

    • Catalog Number (Course) is x999 or x998 or ends in 93.
    • Class Component is Independent Study (IND) or Field Experience (FLD).


  3. Excluded instructors: Online SEIs are automatically generated for individuals whose names appear in the Student Information System (SIS) for an SEI-eligible course.  SEIs are NOT GENERATED for instructors with either of the following characteristics:

    • Those listed with an Instructor Role of GRDR-N-SEI for the course.
    • Individuals whose names are marked not to print on the Schedule of Classes.

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As a department scheduler, how do I set up courses based on SEI requirements?


The Scheduling Office has developed a guide to explain SEI setup in the Class Schedule and its relation to CARMEN. Please click here to access the guide.

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Is my course using SEIs?


1. Check the SEI List for the current term. If your class is not listed, SEIs are not activated. Check here for possible reasons why.

2. Look at your teaching schedule for the current term. If you wish to have SEIs for a course that is missing the SEI icon, you must contact your department's scheduling staff to update your information. The SEI staff cannot assist with the course scheduling system.

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How do I set up or customize SEIs for my courses?


1. Visit your SIS Faculty Center. If you are unfamiliar with the Faculty Center, go to Buckeye Link and click on the link titled "Navigating Faculty Center" for an overview.

2. Access your schedule. The absence of an SEI icon next to a class indicates that SEIs have not been activated for that class. Check here for possible reasons. The presence of an SEI icon does not guarantee that the course uses SEIs.

3. No later than the third Friday of the term, click on each SEI icon that appears. Click here for an overview of the SEI page that appears when the SEI icon is clicked.

a. To opt in to SEIs for a course that has been excluded, email with the following information:

  • your username (name.#)
  • the course (such as HISTORY 1152)
  • the 4- or 5-digit class number
    • Note: if your class has atypical start and end dates, you must make your decision earlier because your evaluation forms will be activated earlier than most.


b. To delay your SEI activation date (the date that the online evaluation forms become accessible to your students):

  • find your class in the Faculty Center
  • click on the SEI icon to the left of the class
  • scroll to the SEI Options section
  • either enter your desired date in the SEI Activation Date box or click on the calendar icon to select your desired date
  • choose a date after the Default Activation Date that allows at least 5 active SEI days (if you receive an error message, adjust your chosen activation date)
  • click Save (note that the "Number of Days SEI Active" updates to reflect the new activation date you chose)

    Please note:

  • you cannot select an activation date that falls before the DEFAULT activation date
  • the SEI activation date you choose is specific to you and has no impact on the activation date for other instructors listed on the class
  • if you are co-teaching, you may wish to consult with your team before making any changes to the SEI Activation Date
  • the activation date cannot be altered once SEIs have been accessed by your students
  • after the third Friday of the term, you must contact to make a change to the activation date


c. To remove the open-ended comments box from you SEIs:

  • find your class in the Faculty Center
  • click on the SEI icon to the left of each class
  • scroll to the SEI Options section
  • Uncheck the box marked "Allow Comments"
  • Click Save


d. To remove redundant SEIs from multiple components of the same course, email with the following information:

  • your username (name.#)
  • the course (as in HISTORY 1152)
  • the 4- or 5-digit class number(s) for which the SEIs are to be removed


e. To opt out of SEIs for a class, email with the following information (Note: requests of this type are subject to your department's policies):

  • you username (name.#)
  • the course (as in HISTORY 1152)
  • the 4- or 5-digit class number(s)
  • the reason SEIs are not needed
  • the email address of your course coordinator, department chairperson, dean, or director (if you automatically qualify for SEIs, we can withdraw you only with permission of that person)


f. To receive a single SEI report for cross-listed courses or combined classes (e.g. graduate and undergraduate sections meeting together), email with the following information:

  • your username (name.#)
  • the 4- or 5-digit class number(s) of all classes to be combined
  • the course (as in HISTORY 1152) for the SEI Report
    • Note: this must be the subject and catalog number of one of the selected classes; if this is not provided, the class with the highest enrollment will be used)

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When are SEIs available to students?


SEIs are activated when 90% of the class is over. See the Evaluation and Reporting Schedule for the date on which the vast majority of SEIs will be activated each term.

Instructors may delay their activation date, as long as the decision is made by the third Friday of the term and it allows students at least 5 days to respond to the SEI. See more detail above. The list of activation dates for all classes using SEIs is updated daily throughout the term.

The SEI deactivation date does not depend on the class meeting patterns, but is always the last day before final exams begin (although posting a student's grade for a class immediately removes the student's access to the SEI for that class). The SEI deactivation date is set by sessions in accord with the Academic Calendar, and cannot be modified by instructors.

Detailed Explanation of SEI Activation Date

In the Student Information System (SIS), one class may have multiple meeting patterns, each with its own start and end dates. The interval used to compute the default activation date for SEI spans the earliest of all the start dates listed for the class number to the latest end date listed for that class number. For example, if one meeting pattern for the class runs from October 1 through November 30, and another meeting pattern for that same class runs from September 15 through November 15, the 90% computation for activating SEIs would be based on the interval from September 15 (the earliest start date) to November 30 (the latest start date).

Classes with atypical schedules can result in a default activation date occurring after SEIs close for the term. In these rare cases, the SEI instrument cannot be used and a different alternative must be sought.

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How are students notified that online SEIs are awaiting their responses?


Students are notified by the following methods:

  • Email: an email is sent to students on the day an SEI is activated.
  • Carmen: a notice is placed in Carmen during standard activation days.
  • BuckeyeLink: a notice is placed on BuckeyeLink during standard activation days.

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How can I send an email to students about SEIs from the Faculty Center?

For complete instructions, go to the SIS Faculty Center help page and click on the "Send an email notification" link right above the illustration (or on the "Send a Notification" link in the Contents list on the left side of the page).

To craft your message to students, review our sample template messages: detailed template or short template. Either template may help you construct a message to send to your students. You may also find the instructions to students about accessing SEIs helpful in customizing the template message.

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When are SEIs deactivated for students?


There are three events that can deactivate a student's access to an online SEI form:

  1. Once a student submits an evaluation for a particular class number/instructor combination, the student cannot access the form again. Note that the form cannot be submitted until each of the 10 numeric items have been rated. Students who overlook a rating item, but try to submit the evaluation, will see an error message directing them to the omitted item. Students may submit the evaluation even if they leave the comment box blank. Students will see a feedback page that shows the ratings and comments they entered, allowing them to make edits before submitting the form.   

  2. Posting a grade for a student immediately deactivates his or her access to the SEI for that class.

  3. The last available date to submit an SEI is 11:59 pm on the last day before final exams begin.

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*NEW* How can I find my response rates?

1. Navigate to your My Schedule in the Faculty Center.

2. Click on Related Content in the upper right-corner.

3. Choose SEI Response Rate from the drop-down menu.

The results will appear at the bottom of the page and shows response rates for all classes for that term. The query results can be downloaded to Excel, Text, or XML file. These results are real-time data. Click here for further instructions.

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How do I improve my response rate?

Instructors have reported that the following techniques have improved their response rates:

  • since SEIs are available via OSU Mobile, you might consider utilizing class time to have students complete their SEI. Students can use their smartphones, tablets, and/or laptops to complete the SEI during class
  • offering a small amount of extra credit when a defined number of students (e.g. 90% of students) complete the evaluation (note: SEI information is never released at a student level; we cannot tell you which students have completed the SEI)
  • explaining how you use SEI information to modify instruction
  • explaining the role of the SEI in performance and tenure reviews

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When will my SEI reports be available?

SEI reports are available the Tuesday after Commencement, after the grade posting deadline. This means that reports for First Session and May Session are not available for several weeks. Reports cannot be produced before term end because all term data is needed to calculate the individual and comparison group statistics which appear on the reports.

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