Residency and Your Time Out of State

Financially Independent Students Applying for Ohio Residency

Residency and Your Time Out of State

Students applying for residency reclassification under the C2 classification cannot leave the state of Ohio for more than 30 days during their 12-month review period, with no more than 14 days to be taken consecutively. Please ensure that you accurately report all days taken out of the state of Ohio for your review period.

Ohio Leave Pre-Approval Request

A student who is planning to attend a unique, internship, co-op, or educational experience exceeding the two consecutive week maximum, must appeal through the Ohio Leave Pre-Approval Form. If the experience gained through the internship, co-op, or educational experience could also be achieved in Ohio, the appeal may not be approved. This request must be submitted and approved prior to leaving for the internship, co-op, or educational experience.


Residency 2020 Guidance

The Ohio Department of Higher Education offered increased flexibility to allow students to retain Ohio residency. Their letter dated March 24, 2020 states:

Historically, this agency has consistently held that a student desiring to establish residency in Ohio for in-state tuition purposes must reside in Ohio for 12 consecutive months immediately prior to enrollment without leaving the state for more than a 2-4 week period. After careful evaluation, and in recognition of the various impacts associated with coronavirus (COVID-19), this prior guidance is amended to permit a student to leave the state of Ohio for more than a 2-4 week period and continue establishing residency for in-state tuition purposes for the required 12 consecutive months if both of the following circumstances are met:

  1. The student left Ohio due to concerns related to, or in response to, a public health emergency declared by the Governor of Ohio, or order of the Director of Health for the Ohio Department of Health, or national equivalent, or was already out of state during such orders, and returning is not in the interest of the health of the student or family members.

  2. The student while not living in Ohio maintains all criteria necessary to establishing residency under the Ohio Administrative Code Rule 3333-1-10.

While not an exhaustive list, the student not physically located in Ohio that is trying to continue establishing residency must comply with all other criteria as if he/she was in Ohio, including, but not limited to, the following: maintain or obtain an Ohio Driver’s license (or does not have a driver’s license issued by another state); maintain registration or register to vote in Ohio (or is not registered to vote in another state); maintain a permanent address in Ohio (excluding those that are not permitted to return to university student housing); file Ohio taxes (if taxes are filed) as a full time resident of Ohio (not exclude wages earned outside of Ohio claiming to be a non-Ohio resident at the time of earning those wages); is not claimed as a dependent on tax filings by an out of state resident and maintains financial independence.

April 29, 2020 Letter from The Ohio State University Registrar

Read the April 29, 2020 letter (PDF)