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Advanced Placement Program

The Advanced Placement (AP) Program is offered to high school students through The College Board and provides a resource for students to earn college credit before enrolling at Ohio State. The Credit by Examination Brochure lists the score levels required and the credit awarded for achieving that score level.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I send my scores to Ohio State?

Scores may be sent at the time of the exam administration or by calling (888) 225-5427 and requesting scores be sent to us (recipient code 1592). Please allow 2-3 weeks for receipt and processing of scores.

I've sent my scores. How do I verify that they have been processed?

Students who receive credit from their performance on an AP test can view their credit by the View Grades or Degree Audit features on Buckeye Link. Students can also contact their academic advisors.

My scores have been sent to Ohio State, but my scores have not been posted.

First, contact your academic advisor to make sure that your scores have not been posted. If your scores and credit are not posted, email the Testing Center for a full review of your AP score report.

I know my scores were sent to Ohio State, and they're not posted. Can I just ask The College Board to send another transcript?

Students should not pay to send additional score reports when one score report has already been sent. Email the Testing Center before ordering another score report.

Under what circumstances would Ohio State receive scores, but not have them processed?

AP score reports may be delayed or not processed for several reasons. The most common reason is errors in bubbling information on the AP answer document. Scores of high school juniors can not be processed when received. However, scores from a student's junior year will attach to the senior year score report. Students who participate in the AP Program their junior year but not their senior year should email the Testing Center to have junior year scores processed.

Can Ohio State post scores from my Student Grade Report?

No. We are contractually obligated to only process scores and award credit when scores are received directly from The College Board.

How do I know what credit to expect based on my score?

Score requirements and the credits awarded are listed in the Credit by Examination Brochure. These credits are subject to change without notice. This brochure is updated for the new academic year each spring. AP students should be aware that each new brochure is published annually right around test time and the scores/credits published in the updated brochure are effective for that same academic year.

When I took the AP Test, the credit offered was different than the credit offered when I submitted scores. What credit should I receive?

Credit is awarded based on the term you were admitted, not the date Ohio State receives your score report. Email the Testing Center for a previous year's credit guidelines.