Advanced Placement

The Advanced Placement (AP) Program is open to high school students through The College Board and provides a resource for students to earn college credit before enrolling at Ohio State.

Things to know

  • Credits Available:
  • The Credit by Examination brochure lists each AP exam along with the required score and equivalent Ohio State course credit.

  • Send Your Scores:
  • Scores may be sent at the time of the exam administration, or by calling (888) 225-5427 and requesting scores to be sent to Ohio State (recipient code 1592). Visit College Board's website for additional instructions. Please allow 2-3 weeks for receipt and processing of scores.

    If you have sent your scores to Ohio State but credit has not been award, email the Testing Center for a full review of your AP score report.

    Note: Ohio State is contractually obligated to only process official AP Score Reports and award credit from scores received directly from The College Board.

  • Credits Posted at No Cost
  • There are no fees or tuition charges for credit awarded from AP test scores.

  • View Your Credit:
  • View your credit awarded by downloading your Advising Report at My Buckeye Link. You can also contact your Academic Advisor for assistance.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What should I do if I am registered for a course for which I have earned AP credit?
  • The registration system does not automatically drop registered or duplicate credit courses. This is your responsibility to handle. New students must contact their Academic Advisor to make schedule changes.

  • When I took the AP test, the credit awarded was different than the credit award when I submitted my scores. What credit should I receive?
  • Credit is awarded based on the term you were admitted, not the date Ohio State receives your AP Score Report. Email the Testing Center for a previous year's credit guidelines.

  • I took an AP Capstone course (research and/or seminar). What credit will I receive?
  • Please send the topic of your capstone experience to the Testing Center by email. The Testing Center will post general credit in the appropriate department. You should contact your Academic Advisor to determine if specific credit would be appropriate for you. The Transfer Credit Coordinator in a specific department may be able to assist you if specific course credit is appropriate.