Summer Term - Columbus Campus Students

Columbus campus students have a unique opportunity to stay in Columbus and keep working towards their dreams and graduation. Smaller class sizes and keeping on track for graduation are some of the benefits of taking classes during Summer Term.

Explore popular Summer Term classes below:
AEDECON 4310 - Environmental and Natural Resources Economics
AEDECON 4597.01 - Food, Population, and the Environment
AEE 7320 - Adult Learning and Professional Development
AEE 8100 - Applied Communication Theory and Practice
AGRCOMM 2367 - Agricultural Issues in Contemporary Society
ANIMSCI 2367 - Animals in Society
ANIMSCI 4597 - Contemporary Animal Use Issues
ART 2100 - Visual Studies: Beginning Drawing
ART 2500 - Visual Studies: Digital Image Manipulation

  • Expand for more class offerings:
  • ART 2502: Intro to Ceramics: High Fire Techniques
    ART 2524 - Painting I
    ART 2555 - Photography I: Digital Camera
    ART 3009 - Film/Video I: Technologies and Analysis
    ASL 1102: Elementary American Sign Language II
    ASL 1103: Intermediate American Sign Language
    ASTRON 1140 - Planets and the Solar System
    ASTRON 1102 - From Planets to the Cosmos (no lab)
    BIOCHEM 4511 - Introduction to Biological Chemistry
    CHEM 2540 - Organic Chemistry Laboratory I
    CHEM 2550 - Organic Chemistry Laboratory II
    COMLDR 2530 - Introduction to Agricultural
    EARTHSC 1100 - How Planet Earth Works
    EDUTL 6912 - Research Writing for International and 2nd Language Graduate Students
    EDUTL 6913 - Thesis Proposal and Dissertation Writing for International and 2nd Language Graduate Students
    EDUTL 5030 - Spoken English for Academic Contexts
    ENR 2100 - Introduction to Environmental Science
    ENR 2300 - Society and Natural Resources
    ENTMLGY 1260 - Introductory Insect Field Biology
    FDSCTE 1120 - Wine and Beer in Western Culture
    FDSCTE 1110 - Chocolate Science
    FDSCTE 1140 - Kitchen Science
    FDSCTE 1150 - Caffeine Science
    FDSCTE 2200 - The Science of Food
    FDSCTE 4597.02 - Food and Health Controversies in the 21st Century
    HDFS 4370 - Families and Stress
    KNSFHP 3312 - Issues in Alcohol / Drug Use and Abuse
    LING 2051 - Analyzing the Sounds of Language
    MICROBIO 4000 - Basic and Practical Microbiology
    PHILOS 1100 - Introduction to Philosophy
    PHILOS 2120 - Asian Philosophies
    PHILOS 2465 - Death and the Meaning of Life
    PHILOS 2500 - Symbolic Logic
    PHR 2367.01 - Drug Use in American Culture
    PLNTPTH 2001 - Sick Plants and a Hungry World
    PLNTPTH 4597 - Contemporary Issues: Pesticides, Genetic Engineering, and the Environment
    RURLSOC 1500 - Introduction to Rural Sociology
    SOCWORK 3805 - Theories and Biological Basis of Addiction
    SOCWORK 3806 - Substance Use Screening, Assessment, Diagnosis, and Treatment Planning
    SOCWORK 3807 - Intervention and Prevention Strategies in Substance Use Treatment
    SOCWORK 3808 - Group and Relationship Approaches in Substance Use Treatment
    SOCWORK 5021 - Summer Institute of Addiction Studies
    SPANISH 1102.01 - Spanish II
    SPANISH 1103.01 - Spanish III
    SPANISH 3401 - Advanced Grammar
    SPANISH 3403 - Intermediate Spanish Composition
    SPANISH 3404 - Spanish Pronunciation
    SPANISH 3450 - Introduction to the Study of Literature and Culture in Spanish: Reading Texts
    WGSST 2325 - Health and Inequality

Students with questions about their Student Financial Aid and how it may apply to Summer Term should contact Buckeye Link.

Dates and Deadlines and Term Structure

University academic calendar
We encourage students to familiarize themselves with the university's academic calendar for current Summer Term dates and deadlines.

Summer term structure
To provide as many options to our students for classes that fit into their schedule, Ohio State has created multiple sessions for Summer Term course offerings.
- One, 12 week Summer Term
- Two, 6-week sessions
- Two, 8-week sessions
- Three, 4-week sessions

Having multiple sessions of different lengths provides students at Ohio State the unique opportunity to adjust their schedule to their needs.

Registration information
Students should review the University Registrar's registration information, including current student enrollment appointments. Review the Course Catalog, and then Add a Class.

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Students should contact their academic advisor first. For My Buckeye Link account-related questions, contact Buckeye Link.