University Registrar






University Registrar
Jack Miner
(614) 292-5777
Assistant to the Registrar
Justin Weimer
(614) 292-2259
Office Associate
Tina Rossi
(614) 292-9330
Academic Records

(class rosters, student records processing, grades)

Assistant Registrar
Jared Morosco
(614) 292-7685
Staff Assistant & Trainer
(614) 292-4484  
Classroom Scheduling

(classroom and activity scheduling, Schedule of Classes, final examination scheduling)

Assistant Registrar
Michael Gable
(614) 247-1694
Staff Assistant
Graham Stout
(614) 292-1263
Development Support, Analysis & Security

(student data access, systems issues)

Associate Registrar
Jed Dickhaut
(614) 292-8050
Eligibility Services and Transfer Credit Center

(athletic eligibility, commencement certification, degree audit, transfer credit, Course Offerings Bulletin)

Associate Registrar
Roslyn Perry
(614) 292-3993
Sr. Assistant Registrar, Eligibility Services & DARS
Rand McGlaughlin
(614) 247-7253
Commencement Questions
Karen Sondrini
(614) 292-5705
Assistant Registrar, Transfer Credit Center
Misty Lenhart
(614) 247-7250
Scanning and Surveys

(exam scoring, bubble-sheet scanning, mailroom)

Kirk Schneider
(614) 292-6837
Student Data Requests (Office of Enrollment Services - Analysis and Reporting)

(enrollment statistics, data research)

Director (OESAR)
Linda Katunich
(614) 292-0752
Testing Center

(EM: Credit by Examination, placement testing, national entrance and licensure examinations, SEI:Student Evaluation of Instruction)

Assistant Registrar
Cindy Davis
(614) 247-6178
SEI Questions
(614) 247-6178