University Registrar

Exam Scoring FAQs

I am a new customer. How do I set up an account?

Bring a completed Exam Scoring Request Form to the Testing Center with your first batch of exams. Also, prior to using our service an eRequest must be submitted for the semester in order for us to charge your department. Please see this explanation for details.

How much do you charge to scan a batch of exams?

$10.00 per batch.

How are we billed for scanning services?

Your department needs to submit an eRequest before you drop off your first batch of exams. Your exams will not be scored until your department provides the eRequest billing information to the Testing Center.

How do I package my exams?

You should have:

  • A set of student answer sheets.
  • A completed Exam Scoring Request Form.
  • A scoring key (sample). If the same scoring key is to be used for multiple batches, you must indicate this in the Special Requests section of the Exam Scoring Request Form.

What is a batch?

  • A batch is any set of exams you'd like scored as a single set, regardless of the number of answer sheets.
  • A batch must be submitted with one scoring key.
  • A batch yields one scoring report, although you may select multiple reporting options on the Exam Scoring Request Form.

What is a scoring key?

  • A scoring key is the answer sheet completed by the instructor with the correct answers.
  • This is used to score the exams.
  • There can be only one key per batch.

How do I create a key?

If you wish to use the same key for more than one batch, write "Use key to score all batches" or an applicable variation thereof in the Special Requests field of the Exam Scoring Request form.

  • Use a #2 pencil to complete your scoring key. Make clean erasures when needed, and do not stray out of the designated marking areas with your pencil.
  • Bubble the first three columns of the NAME field with the letters K, E, and Y. You may print (and bubble) other descriptors in this field, but the first three columns must be bubbled as "KEY".
  • In columns H, I, and J of the IDENTIFICATION NUMBER field, bubble the number of test items as a 3-digit number. Use leading zeros as needed. For example, if your exam comprises 9 items (questions to be scored), you would bubble a "zero" in column H, a "zero" in column I, and a "nine" in column J.
  • Bubble the correct response for each question. If more than (1) response applies, bubble in each additional response. Please indicate which question or questions have multiple correct answers on the Exam Scoring Request form in the "Special Requests Box." If credit is to be given for any response, please bubble in all responses.

What type of reports may I choose?

Reporting Options: Select any combination of the following reporting options.

  • Group 1: Report includes basic student results with statistical information about overall performance. See here for an example of Group 1.
  • Group 2: Report includes all information in Group 1 with the addition of more advanced item analysis and individual sheets showing each student their responses compared to the correct answers. These are in a format that they can be printed and given to students. See here for an example of Group 2.
  • Upon request, we will also generate a comma delimited file to go with your selection of either group.
  • Requesting both Group 1 and Group 2 Reporting Options will result in being charged twice per batch.

Where do I purchase the NCS Pearson answer sheets?

Forms are available through eStores:

  • Form 4521 is item #53793 in eStores when adding items to purchase within the eRequest system.
  • Form 4887 is item #53795 in eStores when adding items to purchase within the eRequest system.

Contact your department's fiscal office for assistance about purchasing the blank forms.
To view or download an example of the forms, click on the following link(s) (PDF): Form 4521 and Form 4887

How are my exams returned to me?

Scored exams are ready to be picked up as soon as your exams appear in your SharePoint folder.

  • You may send someone else to pick up your exams.
  • Photo identification and a signature are required of everyone picking up scored exams.
  • If you have not picked up your exams within 2 weeks of their submissions, they will be shredded. Exams will no longer be mailed back to instructors.

How long are my exam results stored in my SharePoint folder?

Exam results are available for you to download from your SharePoint folder as soon as you receive an email notifying your results have been uploaded. Your SharePoint folder is deleted during the 1st week of the following new semester. We strongly recommend that you save your results as soon as they're available for you to download to prevent losing any information beyond the new semester.

How can I download multiple files at one time from my SharePoint folder?

Using only Internet Explorer (IE) as your browser, you can download multiple files at one time. To do so, log into your SharePoint folder that we've set-up for you. At the top, click on the "Library" tab under "Library Tools." Next, under "Connect & Export," click on "Open with Explorer," which will automatically download all of the files within your SharePoint folder,and will open a "Windows Explorer" window on your PC. From there, you can click and drag the files you want to save to your desktop.